As daunting as it may sound, many individuals young and old decide to start their own business at some time and with hard work and some dedication make a great success for themselves. Here is a summarised and useful bit to help you get the minimum required background of what it entails to start your own business.

Here are some reasons why you would possibly want to start your own business:

·         To align your career with your own personal life goals

·         To be your own boss

·         To create work that you love

·         For increased flexibility: Choosing your hours and tasks

·         Working for your own financial profit

·         An unlimited salary

·         The chance to employ others

·         To earn what you are really worth

·         To spend more quality time with your family


How to get the ball rolling

You will need to consider many things, most importantly you have to realise that only you can make it happen. No one is going to decide for you, you will need to put in the effort to make it happen.


ENTREPENEUR: Willing to take calculated risks; prepared to move out of any comfort zones; able to problem solve using logic, intuition and experience; has a great deal of self-discipline; a general understanding of the business world; self-motivate through tough times.


1. Decide what you would like to do– what would you be willing to do everyday even when you are tired or unmotivated? You could do what you already know, by using skills you have previously acquired and practised. Or you could do what other people have done, by doing some research into an already established company. Or you could find a gap in the market and offer something to the public that no one has done yet.


2. Set up a Business Plan, without it you are doomed to fail. Your business plan will give you clarity and get you focussed on what you want to do and the steps to get there with confidence. There are many resources to find a template to set up your business plan on paper and will most likely include: Executive summary, Business Operations Review, Marketing Plan, Company Management, Assets and Infrastructure, Financial Analysis.


3. Find out who your target market will be. How many people, who are the people, will they use your services/products? Read up on articles related to the industry, join business forums and associations to keep up to date with research.


4. Financial planning is essential. Consider how you will be funding your start up costs and plan your savings, business bank account, weather you need to take out a loan and how you will manage your money.


5. Consider the legal aspects of owning a business. Do you need to register for income tax, VAT, UIF, COID, PAYE or any special licenses?


6. Build a support network to believe in your business, via social networks, supporters, allies, advisors and possible partners. Attend networking opportunities and see how you can help others and what you can offer them.


7. Create your mission statement. Say who you are with conviction and without apology. Set out your objectives, strategies, goals and action plans clearly.


8. Get up to date with the latest IT information. It is of upmost importance that you make use of the latest technology available and keep your corporate identity as professional and modern as possible.


9. You will need to register your company name and your type of business: Sole proprietor, Close corporation or Private Company. There are many options to consider regarding this. Visit the CIPRO website in this regard.


Here are some common problems that you may encounter, with helpful solutions:


·         Not enough money to start your own business: Consider what assets you own, where you can borrow money.

·         The risk is too big to start your own business: Consider starting part-time by keeping your day job. Learn as much as you can to avoid failure.

·         You don’t know how to start or run a business: Do a lot of research, attend courses.

·         There is too much paperwork and admin to start your own business: Learn about the legislation to make it less daunting. Keep in mind that you can outsource someone to do some of the admin.

·         Starting and running your own business sounds too complicated and confusing: Consider joining an established company name that allows you to start your own “branch”. An excellent example of such is the Annique Health and Beauty business opportunity.


Your own Annique Business?


Yes, you can own your own Annique business, which entails much more than selling award winning products.

Starting your own business is an exciting challenge. To ensure it is as profitable and exciting, one should select the right business. One that will suit your personality and personal style. If you are truly thrilled and passionate about the business you own, people are immediately drawn to you and your business. However, there are a few things to consider when you want to set up your own business:


• A new enterprise costs money. If you cannot get a bank to finance your business, the normal route towards owning a business is closed to you.

• Employing staff is a serious matter, and planning and budgeting for the financial implications are even more difficult.

Government regulations on enterprises are very strict and complicated. The best way (for an ordinary person) to start a business is from his/her own home, is when the business does not require large investments, risks, complying with special regulations, keeping stock, payment of rent and wages, etc. You can even pay family members (children) wages instead of pocket money. A business that has been established for a few years may even create a future career for the children.


Annique is an established and rapidly expanding marketing network business with a global vision, which provides exceptional support to its Consultants who have their own businesses. It has been proven throughout the world, that multilevel marketing or MLM is the ideal home business. It is a business that allows you to learn while you earn. There are no territorial limitations, no ceiling on your performance. The most fascinating aspect of MLM is the fact that you duplicate your input by recruiting other people and by introducing them to the business. In this way you “duplicate” your income by generating a “time-lever” with fellow Consultants of Annique products you recruit to, create residual income for yourself and others.


MULTILEVEL marketing concerns the way in which an Independent Consultant is remunerated, namely receiving discounts on the sales he/she achieves and additional discounts on the sales of his/her network. The Consultant is also rewarded for the sales of people he/she has recruited (introduced), trained and motivated to start their own Annique Business.


MLM is:

• A legal and fair enterprise.

• A way to have more time to yourself and your family.

• A means of achieving self-actualisation.

• A serious business.

• A vast and rapidly expanding enterprise.

• An elementary concept.

• An opportunity offered to everyone, without any discrimination on the grounds of age, training, sex, race, beliefs, etc.

• A practical, fair and effective system.

• A low-pressure sales technique.

• An exceptional system to generate indirect, residual or annuity income.


Annique offers you three basic ways of generating revenue:


1. Sales and services provided directly to the consumer

This provides an immediate income. You will earn 25% discount PLUS an additional discount of 2% on the sales of your team members.

2. Manage others

Convince other people to distribute and sell Annique products – and discover the magic of duplicating your income. Create a future income with the additional discount you will earn on the sales of Consultants recruited by you.

3. Combine the best of both of these options

This provides the stability and potential for growth you can expect from a successful company. This is the best tool with which you could more than double your personal effort and then double your income.


As with any business there is no guarantee whatsoever that you will achieve the results or outcomes and your success depends solely on your active participation, selling skills, creativity, relationship building skills, honesty, sound knowledge of the Annique product range, networking skills, professionalism, adherence to Annique’s Policies and Procedures and your ability to maintain your customer base.



Make the decision today to start your own business, it can be done. To find out about the Annique Business Opportunity, contact us:

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