Sensi Crème part of sensitive skin programme – 50ml


The ultimate sensitive skin treatment

Application Tips:

Recondition the sensitive skin with Annique Sensi Crème: Step 1: Use the Sensi Crème as a cleanser (evenings); moisturiser (evenings and mornings) for 10 – 14 days. Step 2: Replace the Sensi Crème in your skincare routine every 10 – 14 days with ONE other Annique product. Start with the Cleanser for Normal and moving on to Skin Detox and the pH Balancing Freshener. Step 3: After another 10 – 14 days add the Annique Crème de Nuit to nourish the skin. Do not stop using the Sensi Crème as a moisturiser during the mornings and evenings. Step 4: After another 10 – 14 days add the Annique Revitalising Cream if rejuvenation is required. You can keep doing this until the Sensi Crème has been replaced by a normal skincare range of products.