Liquid Concealer: Medium

A creamy, transfer resistant, high coverage liquid concealer enriched with a peptide complex to help conceal fine lines and imperfections.

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BB Cream SPF 30 – 30ml

BB Cream was first developed in Germany by a dermatologist who wanted a single cream that would protect skin and provide coverage after harsh skin care treatments. This all-in-one formulation became a hype in South Korea and then spread throughout Asia and thereafter to the rest of the world. BB Creams are short for beauty […]

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Feels Like Silk Moisturising Foundation Spf 15 – 30ml

The foundation contains: Chronomoist, which consists of encapsulated hyaluronic acid, well-known for its moisture retention ability. Silicones: Aids blending and ensures ‘soft look’ finish. Unique plant extracts: Mimic movements of the skin, ensuring comfortable wear that is non-tightening. Sun protection: Preventing premature ageing. Green Rooibos extract: Antioxidant to protect skin against environmental damage. Feels like Silk Foundation […]

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Velvet Touch Natural Finish Foundation SPF 20 – 30ml

This fragrance free foundation contains Green Rooibos extract with antioxidants to protect the skin against environmental damage. Other ingredients include silicones that aids in spreadability and ensure the skin’s velvet soft appearance. The foundation also contains emolients that prevents moisture loss and leaves a light moisturised feeling on the sin, and sun protection to prevent premature ageing. […]

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