Rooibos Spa Reviving Soap Bar

Made from glycerine and Rooibos extract that are kind to your skin and moisturise while cleansing. Glycerine does not strip the skin from its natural oils. It helps to attract water to the skin, and keeps it in the skin, which means your skin can stay hydrated and nourished.

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Rooibos Spa Nourishing Hand Cream

Made with Rooibos extract and Rooibos infused oil, for its natural antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits. Roman chamomile floral water soothes and calms skin, while sweet almond oil and cocoa butter moisturises and cares for your skin.

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Rooibos Spa Deluxe Body Lotion

Revel in a daily dose of moisturising indulgence with the Rooibos Spa Deluxe Body Lotion. This hydrating body lotion has been blended with moisturising vitamin E oil and Sunflower Seed oil to help retain moisture and protect your skin against future dryness. It also contains a lavish blend of Rooibos extract, rich in skin friendly […]

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