Reflexology is a body treatment technique, utilizing the application of appropriate pressures on specific parts of the body. It is believed by Reflexologists, that certain areas correspond with certain body organs, resulting in beneficial effects such personal general health. A specific part in the foot, as example, is believed to correspond with your urinary system. Reflexologists use their thumbs and fingers to apply pressure to these selected areas. The most common reflexology pressure points are found in feet, hands and ears. Around the world Reflexology has become a medicinal treatment for illnesses such as anxiety, asthma, cancer and kidney function. Reflexology has become increasingly popular across Europe and Asia, as both a preventative measure and a complementing treatment. Studies have shown that the use of Reflexology has significantly decreased the number of sick leave days, especially in Denmark. Many employees have sought the relief reflexology can bring to a stressful life.


Reflexology Points and Areas

Maps of reflexology points and their benefits for the body, have been shared and spread all over the globe. Understandably, however, it is still debatable as to the exact pressure points of reflexology and their exact benefits. To represent how one body part corresponds with another, maps are used. A good example of this exist for feet. The left foot corresponds with the left side of the body, and the organs located on the left side. And vice versa.




The Origin of Reflexology

As it is an ancient practice, reflexology’s exact origin becomes rather difficult to track. Reflexology is believed to have been passed down orally and is therefore tracked back to 2330 BC, along with other medical procedures. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, recorded the “Examining Foot Method” in 1,000 BC. It is believed that Marco Polo translated this to Italian in 1300s. Known as the father of reflexology, Dr Fitzgerald wrote about pressure points and their corresponding body parts in 1917. In 1957, Dr. Paul Nogier recorded a reflex map of the outer ear.


So remember, your organs work in sync with one another. You can’t expect to be stressed and not have a side effect – every action has an equal and opposite reaction, according to Newton’s Third Law. Taking care of your body will take care of your mind, and what better way to do that by trying Reflexology.