Save for retirement

We often only start thinking about a retirement plan, once it’s almost upon us or many just don’t bother and hope for the best. The truth is, even if you are planning to survive off your pension plan one day, it probably won’t be enough. Retiring should be something to look forward to and should not be a time of struggle. Instead it should be the most comfortable time, after all, you have worked many years to enjoy the break- perhaps being able to visit the spa daily! Here are some tips on how to prepare for retirement.


Where do I start?

It would be wise to consult a financial advisor if you can, to explain to you many of the investment and saving options out there today. But in the greater scheme of things it comes down to one thing….you need a plan. Start by looking at the debt you have and set out a plan to have it paid off before you retire. Then you need to plan how much your monthly “salary” will be that you are going to survive on in your retired days. This should establish an idea of how much you need per month to live comfortably, as well as how much you need to save up now per month.



For a few, the concept of saving comes easily and without complaints but otherwise it is a great challenge to most. How can you save if you still need to live until you retire? This is the challenge, especially if you start saving late and your monthly savings budget is a large amount. Luckily you can also invest the money you save and gain interest on these funds, increasing annually at different rates. This is the part that you should consult a financial advisor. But you will still need cash to set aside, regardless- not to mention monies that are going straight towards reconciling your debt….


Should you consider a second job?

Yes, you should. Our economic climate has made the cost of living very tough but you cannot afford living comfortably now by cutting down on your savings and debt repayments. Since there are only so many hours in a day and you probably still want to see your family- consider a second job that allows you to work from home or one where you have allowed your hobby to generate an income for you. The possibilities are endless.

One job opportunity that allows you to work from home, at your own pace, for yourself, is legal and has been around for more than 40years, with the best value for money products on the market– the Annique Business opportunity. Different to other direct selling companies, Annique Health and Beauty offers you a great opportunity from an already established company, with no start-up costs, limitless support and complete freedom. If you think Annique is just about selling skin care, you are mistaken. Annique is a unique business opportunity that encourages you to create your own business in combination with your passion. If your passion is health, beauty, lifestyle, make-up, people, changing lives, natural living, art or whatever- there is a way to make the business opportunity work for you!

Annique Day Spa is one of Annique Health and Beauty’s great success stories, where owners Sanette and Jaco Horn- who have created their empire through the opportunity-  inspire and touch many other consultants’ lives by going out of their way to assist from A to Z and back again to create the life you want. Make the call or send an e-mail today to come have a cup of coffee and find out exactly how you can benefit from the Annique Business Opportunity and invest in your future.


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