A Spa-tacular history

Interestingly, the idea that Beauty Spas is one of the very new creations of modern leisure, might just be mistaken.


In Ancient culture, it was believed that the Celtic kings of old had discovered the hot springs in Bath, England. Bathing was a popular pastime in ancient Greece and eventually the Roman Empire, who constructed immense, ornately decorated public bath houses. They fostered the belief that the gods themselves had blessed their waters with their curative abilities.

The most effective use of water for the purpose of relaxation and healing, came from the ancient Turks and their Turkish “Hammams” or baths. The notion gradually spread to the European Middle Ages, soon after.

During the 18th century, rich English nobles would flock to health resorts to drink and bathe in the holy water. In 1702 Anne, Queen of Great Britain, as example, travelled to Bath to indulge in their relaxing hot springs. It wasn’t much later that Richard Nash, considered by many to be the leader of fashion in 18th century Britain, also visited, and with the help of famous architect, John Wood, had transformed the small town of Bath into a social hotbed.

The Bath resort had set the standards of all spas to follow.

European spas became stages on which the rich Europeans could parade with great pageantry. Indeed, spa treatments of that time could only be afforded by the rich. These spas also attracted various criminals who preyed on their rich patrons.

Spas quickly became infamous as places of gossip, scandal and thievery.


Today, however, after health practitioners realized the benefits of cleanliness, day spas is a booming industry in South Africa.

And Annique Day Spa, a leader thereof!

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