Let’s be honest, women spend a lot of time and money trying to prevent ageing.  Ageing poorly is a fear that many women share. During your twenties, you may feel as though you don’t need to worry about ageing just yet; however, as many older women will tell you, caring for your skin at an early age will help you age gracefully.

To prolong your skin from thinning and losing its present plump smoothness, make sure you follow the beauty tips below while you’re still in your twenties:

Always Wash Your Makeup Off

After wearing makeup for an entire day, bacteria and oil builds up on your skin. Make sure you rinse your makeup off thoroughly with a gentle makeup remover before getting into bed.

Use Facial Products That Are Suited To Your Skin Type

What type of skin do you have? – Specific products are specially made for various skin types, namely oily, normal, dry, combination and sensitive. Using products that cater for your specific skin type will ensure that you have minimal skin problems now as well as in the future.

Spoil Yourself with Nourishing Facial Treatments

Going for a facial treatment once a month will prevent your skin from ageing and blemishes caused by acne while getting rid of excess skin and bacteria. Annique offers customised facial treatments which are ideal for all skin types, even problematic and highly sensitive skin.

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Moisturise the Areas Around Your Eyes

The area around your eyes is the first part of your face that start showing any signs of ageing. Use a quality eye cream to keep this very delicate part of your face moisturised and protected to prevent the formation of wrinkles.

Avoid Too Many Anti-Ageing Products

Even though it’s tempting to use a lot of anti-ageing products, it may harm your skin if you overdo it. During your twenties, your skin is metabolically active. Anti-ageing products contain ingredients that increase the metabolism of the cells, which can lead to breakouts.

Purchase A Day Cream That Has Sun Protection

Harsh sun rays contribute to ageing skin. Purchase a daily moisturiser that not only moisturises your skin but also shields it from UVA and UVB sun rays.

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