How perfume ages your skin

Wait a minute…really? Yes, indeed. Here’s how your perfume can age and damage your skin


Perfume contains a high percentage of alcohol. Applying alcohol to the skin, causes the skin to become photosensitive to sunlight– meaning the skin is then prone to accelerated burning. In turn, sunburn causes wrinkles and pigmentation.


You will notice that some ladies have distinct brown discoloration on areas such as the neck, décolletage and even on and behind their ears! This is a direct result of daily application of perfume to these areas. It’s that simple. Besides the fact that the alcohol content in your perfume causes sunburn, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin dehydration, it could then ultimately lead to skin cancer in the long run.


The solution:

  • Rather spray your perfume on your wrists, as they are less likely to be exposed to sunlight. Be careful not to rub your wrists together as this bruises the notes in the perfume and changes the signature scent.
  • Spritz your perfume under your clothes to areas that aren’t exposed to sunlight.
  • Heat activates the scent of your perfume, apply some on your inner elbows and behind your knees.
  • Applying perfume on your hair leaves a lovely lingering scent but be aware that the alcohol could dry out your hair.
  • Wear sunscreen. Everywhere. Face, hands, arms, neck…it is the most important thing you can do to preserve your youth and skin health.

It is also worth noting that fragrance-free skincare products (especially moisturiser) could be beneficial to your skin, such as the Annique skincare range.


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