5 Ways To Slim Down Before Summer





It may seem extremely cold in the mornings still, but before you know it summer will be upon us and you’re going to want to pull out that itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini!  (you sang that, didn’t you?) You’re going to regret not doing what you can to get ready for the beach, you’re going to hide the bikini, and you’re going to be the only one missing out on summer fun, so why not start your Summer slim down now? I know it’s tough, and I know you want comfort food, I also know you don’t want to freeze your hiney off trying to get fit, I’m with you! However, admit it, no one wants to feel like a beached whale…


So, ladies and gentlemen, in order to be able to give advice about slimming down this summer, I had to try it out for myself! You can’t give advice on something you haven’t tried, right? I decided to give the following tips a shot, and I’m still going at it. Winners don’t quit!  I won’t sugarcoat it though, some days aren’t as easy as others. When the tough days approach though, I remember the infamous bikini and prevail!



Chocolate Drops NF Regular  Conveniently, my local crossfit gym is situated right across the street from my house, so why not try it out is what I thought. I’ll be honest, the first day was tough, the second day even worse!! I was left with not being able to lift my arms further than my chin. They were swollen, solid, it felt as though I build extreme muscle overnight, and I could barely straighten them. Sleeping was a nightmare. I was sleep deprived for a few days because every turn woke me up in agony. I’m not talking about muscle stiffness pain, I mean actual, I feel as if I tore muscles kind of pain! You’re probably wondering why I didn’t take a pain killer. Oh but I did! Trust me! It didn’t help… Needles to say, my whole body felt as if I played dodge ball for hours on end and I was the ball. However, winners don’t quit and I went back for a third day. My muscles healed and I started enjoying it. Crossfit isn’t easy but the satisfaction you get from being able to do ten more push ups this week than you could the previous week is worth it. You become stronger and you start feeling better. Pain becomes your friend, because that’s how you know you’re changing for the better. You experience support and a feel of community, because everyone feels the same pain and no one wants to see you get left behind.


Chocolate Drops NF Regular I make my own. I buy carrots, potatoes, leeks, whatever green leafy vegetables I can find, and tomatoes. I add a packet of vegetable soup mix to the pot and soon enough it turns into healthy vegetable soup! I’m no food connoisseur but I figured if you add anything that’s considered healthy into one pot, let it boil, and maybe add a tiny bit of salt, that it’ll be a great meal if you want to get fit for summer! I make enough so I can freeze it and use as I please. No one wants to cook after crossfit..


Chocolate Drops NF Regular  I brew a BIG jug of warm rooibos tea to keep with me at my desk. I know for a fact I get so into my work that I forget to drink water. Staying hydrated is extremely important though. Your workouts will suffer and you’ll become more tired than what’s necessary. I don’t add milk, only a hint of honey to my tea and I’m reminded to take a sip whenever I look to my right. It works for me, and I’m usually very lazy when it comes to maintaining my hydration levels. Finding a method that works for you is important.

Chocolate Drops NF Regular   I get my daily apple in during my breakfast time. I’m not a huge fan of apples, I think they’re alright. However, I like the crunch of an apple in my yogurt. Bananas make my yogurt a little slimy.. Each to his won. I mix muesli, yogurt and one apple (chopped up) together, it takes me a while to eat so my brain isn’t left thinking I’m still hungry when I finish my meal, and I eat my apple a day to keep the doctor away!

Chocolate Drops NF Regular   Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither should your summer body. Taking baby steps is key to achieving your goals, and having that cupcake on occasion is important. Don’t be so focussed on all the things you’re doing wrong, rather concentrate on your achievements. Lastly, there are enough people standing in the “judge me” queue, you don’t have to join them  xo