What a spectacular event! If you missed it, in a nutshell,  here’s what happened.

On Saturday 15 March 2014, about 1200 Annique clients and consultants gathered at Gallagher Estate, Midland to attend the annual prestigious Annique Première. The teams dressed up to represent the country that they previously drew, to celebrate the theme: Around the world in 90 ways.

Sanette Horn’s group came to a number of 74 consultants attending the big day – all dressed in a French theme with stunning red berets.  Every attendee of the day received a FREE upsize Resque Crème and a FREE 30ml Revitalising Cream valued at R630, and this was just the start of a day filled with almost R2 million worth of rewards, recognition and prizes – including a Hyundai i10, won by a lucky consultant on the day. There were also fantastic special offers on the day and oh-so-many lucky draws, including a 46″ flat screen TV!

As for the entertainment and celebs on the day, it was jam-packed. Riaan van Heerden (Jacaranda 94.2) was the master of ceremonies for the day and what a treat it was to have him onboard. Guests where also spoiled by listening to the lovely sounds of Anna Davel, Timothy Moloi, Suzanne Uys and the band: Nathan Smith, Fuzz Senekal, Matthys Maree, Bruce Wallace and Mauritz Lotzn.

What would a glamorous and joyous day be without a feast…the menu for the day was an exquisite buffet with many drinks, the lifestyle shake and so many ‘lekker’ snacks in between.

One of the biggest purposes of this day, is to reward and recognise consultants and leaders for their achievements.

Sanette Horn’s group received the following awards and nominations this year:

·         Portugal winner: Sandra Kruger

·         Portugal winner: Joan du Plessis

·         Trailblazer Award Nomination: Sanette Horn

·         Newcomer Award Nomination: Hannelie strydom

·         Best Dressed team for the day: Sanette Horn’s Group

Well done and thank you to everyone who worked hard towards the competitions and awards, also for the effort to look so stunning on the day. A special congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

In spirit of the 90 Days success plan, all attendees received a 90Tips and more‘ document on how to grow your business. This 8 page valuable document is available from our office, please contact us if you are interested so that we may forward it to you.

 Many other announcements were made, with regards to NEW products that will be available soon. The exciting news is as follows:

Colour Caress

1.       Ravishing red lipstick

True red lipstick for all skin tones

Limited edition 

Available April 2014

R 115

2.       Make-up Brush set

5x Brushes in Black Pouch

Available May 2014



3.       BB Cream (Blemish Balm)






Evens skin tone

Available May 2014



Lifestyle Shake

NEW Lime Flavour

Limited edition

Available April 2014


Interesting Facts: 68 000 units sold in 2013

Free from:

  • ·         Aspartame
  • ·         Caffeine
  • ·         Tartrazine
  • ·         MSG
  • ·         Gluten
  • ·         Wheat
  • ·         Nuts


  • ·         Boitin – Strengthen nails and hair
  • ·         Vitamin B – Mental and physical strength
  • ·         Vitamin E – Boost immune support
  • ·         Vitamin C – Supports immune system
  • ·         Iron – Energy , mental sharpness
  • ·         Magnesium – Healthy bones
  • ·         Selenium – Antioxidants
  • ·         Folic Acid – Absorbs nutrients
  • ·         Vitamin A – Vision, immune system and healthy skin


Synergy Night cream

Very light Night Cream

Does not clog / block pores

Additionally contains: Vitamin C and Peppermint oil

Available May 2014



Essense – Pore Minimising Serum

Pore tightening

Minimise pore reduction up to 60% after first application

Available May 2014


Interesting Fact: 150 000 units sold in 2013

Tea – Wild Jasmine tea

          Promotes weight loss

          Reduces fat and cholesterol

          Calms nerves

          Helps relax

Available April 2014


Interesting Fact: 600 000 units sold in 2013


Spa Range

Spa Massage candle

Burn candle for 10 – 20 minutes

 Blow out candle, and drip essential oils in hand and massage body

Available April 2014


Everybody left the venue in high spirits, refreshed and inspired to dive in and work toward the next year’s challenges. Should you have any queries about the event , how to qualify for the next over-seas trip or how to become an Annique consultant, please contact us:

Annique Day Spa

012 654 4758


195 Constance Avenue