spa treatments for men

The Best Spa Treatments For Men

The men in our lives are important, whether they are our fathers, our husbands, our boyfriends or our sons. Men, just like women, need to take a break and relax from time to time and give their bodies some attention.

For the men, you may not think that spa treatments are very manly, but spa treatments are loaded with health and fitness benefits and are remarkable when it comes to stress relief.  As an added bonus you can take your other half with you to the spa or a couple’s treatment and score mega brownie points.

Here are a few great spa treatments for men.  


Massages not only help you relax but they can be used to treat sports injuries like inflammations, joint pain, strains etc., as well as insomnia, headaches, and anxiety.

Sports massages are generally used to treat and prevent injuries in athletes. This type of massage ensures that more blood is circulated to the muscles in need of oxygen and nutrients.

Swedish massages are intended to relax your muscles, and you of course! This type of massage uses deep circular movements and kneading actions to take away all your tension.
Fun fact: one Swedish massage is said to be equivalent to eight hours of rest.

Hot stone massages are all about balancing flow by placing warm stones on various positions of your back and body. This type of massage is extremely relaxing, and the warm stones work wonders for winter blues.


Men are rough on their skin often forgetting to moisturise and cleanse properly, not to mention irritation caused by shaving. Therefore a facial is the perfect spa treatment.

Facials can be personalised according to personal preference and skin type, to address whatever problems you may have. Regular facials can help control blackheads, prevent or treat acne, unclog pores, remove dead skin cells etc.


Pedicures do not only entail painting your toenails, and yes, men can get pedicures too. In fact, they should!

Dirty feet grow bacteria, which can lead to all sorts of funguses and foot diseases. When you go for a pedicure the therapist will not only soak and clean your feet, but she will ensure that dead skin cells are removed, as well as the dirt under your toenails. Because pedicures free your feet from bacteria and dirt, they also remove foot odour – so that you no longer have to be embarrassed to take off your shoes in public.

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