Lamelle research laboratories is a South African biotechnology research company, specialising in medical aesthetics that has now also diversified into pharmaceuticals.  You can now find and experience these ground breaking, medical-grade products at Annique Day Spa, as we now also stock acclaimed Lamelle skin care products and offer Lamelle facial peels.   The specialist skin […]

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10 Factors that increase your risk of Breast Cancer

In the spirit of breast cancer awareness month, we have a look at the risk factors that increase the possibility of breast cancer. The best way to be healthy in any way is to avoid risk factors and live a balanced lifestyle: maintain a healthy body weight, exercise and don’t smoke. Talk to your doctor […]

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High Tea Jubilee 2014

By Elmé van der Merwe What a wonderful day it was! With spring in the air, ladies dressed up in Lace, pastels and high tea hats, this was definitely one of the best events for the year! Our annual Jubilee took place at Shelanti Garden on Saturday, 6 September 2014. With 98 ladies joining this […]

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