The correct make up can either make or break your next job interview, so we thought we’d ask an expert the top tips to look your best without trying too hard. Too often I’ve seen women wearing their whole make up kit thinking they look good, however, sometimes less is more. In a society where appearance is very important, looking your best during a job interview is often what gives you the upper hand. After all, we want you to nail your dream job, and then celebrate afterwards with your girlfriends over cocktails!  Why? Because you deserve it!





1 Don’t go too dramatic for day make-up, especially for a job interview

2 Use darker colours on your lips for the evening

3 You can use lip gloss during the day, but keep it under control

4 Always use a pencil on your eyebrows, day or night

5 Always use a lip liner when wearing darker shades of lipstick

6 Wear natural or lighter shades of eye shadow during an interview

7 Wear purple eye shadow if you have green eyes

8 Wear gold, brown or grey eye shadow if you have blue eyes

9 Test the foundation shade on your neck for an accurate choice

10 Avoid loose setting powder on mature skin, it’ll age you

11 Avoid the smoky eye effect for during the day

12 Save your shimmer lip gloss for cocktail evenings

13 Never use a black eye liner if you have a light skin tone

14 Avoid blue eye shadow if you have green eyes

15 Only use a tinted moisturiser during the day

16 For better coverage, use a foundation when going out at night

17 Always blend your foundation over your neck as well as collar bone

18 Avoid using a plastic mascara brush if you want to create volume

19 Blend foundation over your eye lids and lips before applying eye shadow and lipstick

20 Use an eye liner on the hair line of your eyes if you have small eyes

21 Avoid false eye lashes for an interview

22 Choose a foundation that has a low oil base if you have a dark skin tone

23 Always choose a concealer that’s one shade lighter than your foundation

24 Avoid using foundation if you have acne prone skin, keep it natural

25 Accentuate either your lips or your eyes for an interview, not both

26 Lighter skin tones should always cleanse and moisturise before applying make up

27 Darker skin tones don’t necessarily need to apply moisturiser before applying foundation

28 Apply baby powder on your eye lashes before applying mascara to avoid lashes sticking together

29 Use a colour setting powder on darker skin tones instead of a white or translucent powder to avoid a grey effect

30 Apply white eye shadow in the corner of your eyes for a wide eye look when you feel tired


A wise woman once said…

“Women have two weapons: Cosmetics and tears.”     

– Coco Chanel –


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