The word Spalicious, sounds delicious. It makes me think of strawberries and cream, fresh juicy watermelon and a Banana Sundae covered in chocolate syrup. It sounds like the tastiest, juiciest and most healthy thing you can eat (except for the chocolate syrup) but for your hands. After all, your hands deserve the utmost care and pampering you can give them. They do everything for you! From wiping your tears when you cry to lending a helping hand, and everything in between.

They deserve to be treated to a Spalicious Manicure!

At Annique Beauty Salon & Day Spa, we believe in just that. We believe in health and beauty, and when it comes to your hands, we believe in Spalicious.

Our Spalicious manicure consists of a 90min invigorating Hand scrub to get the blood flowing, a soothing Hand Soak, the utmost care to your cuticles, a Hand Mask for moisturisation, followed by a paint and massage.


KG Beneath Your Beautiful Chunk

Gently exfoliates dead skin cells leaving your skin feeling moisturised and soft.

Active Ingredients: Wheat Germ Oil Sweet Almond Oil

KG Beneath Your Beautiful Chunk

During winter months, our hands can become tired and inflamed due to the cold, the Spalicious Hand Soak solves those irritating problems, creating a calming effect for the skin.

Active Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate

KG Beneath Your Beautiful Chunk

Can be used on any dry patches on your body, but for the sole purpose of doing a manicure, the Spalicious Hand Mask is used to hydrate, remineralise, and repair winter hands, whilst providing antibacterial and antioxidant qualities.

Active Ingredients: Kaolin




KG Beneath Your Beautiful Chunk


  1. Exfoliate at least twice a week to remove dead skin cells and promote new skin cell growth.

  2. Use moisturiser in the evenings before bed and in the mornings.

  3. Don’t forget your cuticle oil to soften your cuticles.

  4. After your evening bath/shower, push your cuticles back when they’re at their softest.

  5. Don’t forget  to put sunscreen on your hands, preferably an SPF50.

  6. Tap your hands dry after washing instead of rubbing them.

  7. Avoid clipping your cuticles. That usually hardens them. Instead, file them down with a soft nail file.

  8. If possible, use nail hardeners to add that extra support.

  9. Avoid drying your hands with the hand dryers in public restrooms. The heat dries out your skin even further.

10. And lastly, treat your hands to a Spalicious Manicure at least once a month to keep them in tip top shape!



At the end of the day, don’t let winter ruin a perfectly good relationship between you and your hands. Love them, treat them well, and pamper them with a delicious Spalicious Manicure at Annique Beauty Salon & Day Spa!  <3