The Annique ResQue Range has been said to work miracles wherever it is used – with a full range of multi-purpose rescue products you can be sure to find one that will heal your aches and pains.

ResQue Crème

The ResQue Crème provides relief for almost any skin problems including rashes and irritations, sunburn, insect bites, cuts, cracked heels and more. This amazing cream is packed with Annique’s signature Rooibos extract that contains natural anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties.

ResQue ZeroAche

The zero-ache cream is a must have product for any active person, or for anyone who experiences regular tension. The zero ache cream is designed to relieve muscle aches, stiffness, strains, and rheumatism.

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ResQue Essence

We all need some help sometimes – teenagers battling with acne need a little more help than usual. The Annique ResQue Range offers a ResQue Essence that can be used to combat pimples and breakouts.

ResQue essence comes in a roller container and can also be used to relieve allergies, hay fever and headaches. Simply roll the formula onto your temples, under your nose, on the back of your neck, or anywhere else on your skin that you feel it may benefit.

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ResQue Hair Nutrition

Everyone has hair trouble at some point – whether you are a man trying to fight off balding, or a lady battling with hair loss due to harsh styling and colouring. ResQue Hair Nutrition is designed to keep your hair and scalp healthy, fight premature aging, and ensure strong, growing hair.


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