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How To Get Your Body Summer Ready With A Simple Eating Plan

I don’t know if I’m only speaking for myself here, but I think it’s time for me to get my body ready for Summer.

Although it is very cold outside and summer feels far away, if you want a stunning beach bod, you’ll have to start somewhere.

If you are anything like me, cabbage soup diets don’t sound appealing in any way and hours of exercise just don’t fit into a busy lifestyle.

Luckily we have a plan B… the Annique Lifestyle Program! (Which should actually be our plan A)

What’s so great about this program is that you can customise it to what works best for you.

Annique has a great special on their Lifestyle Vanilla shake this month! This is a perfect start to your diet.

There are 5 delicious teas you can drink together with our shakes to help you slim down as well as 2 types of capsules that help with suppressing your appetite and burning fat.

See Anniques Lifestyle products.

The shake aids as a meal replacement, containing all the daily vitamins and minerals needed by the body.Used in conjunction with the teas and/or capsules, it shows effective results in detox, cleansing, suppressed appetite and weight loss, without leaving you feeling tired or hungry.

The shakes are safe to use for all ages and can even be used by people with Diabetes or ladies who are breastfeeding as a sustainable meal. What makes this shake so incredible is that the benefits go far beyond just weight loss.

I know what you are thinking; this sounds too good to be true, I mean, where’s the catch?

Honestly, there is no catch. I used only a few of the Lifestyle products myself and I lost almost 9kg in 2 months. I probably shouldn’t be saying this but, I didn’t even exercise!

This is a really affordable, effortless eating plan and I really recommend that you give it a try. If we do the math, it will cost you R12.30 per meal plus about R3 for your full cream milk. You have nothing to lose, or in this case, you will only be losing.

For more information on the Annique Lifestyle Products please contact Annique Day Spa or let us hear from you on our Facebook page.