How much does an Annique consultant earn?

Annique provides the means of creating a personal vision and a challenge to anyone who wants to earn an income, supplement their existing income, work part-time or start a flourishing business of their own. It’s as simple as making an appointment with us, where after we can assist you all the way. Should you then be interested in becoming an Annnique consultant, you will be registered and receive a membership number. You can now place your first order and your products will be delivered to your address. You can start your own business, without start up fees, at any time with a globally respected health and beauty brand.


So how much can you earn? The question is – how much do you want to earn?
1. Set a goal of how much you want to earn each month.
2. Establish how much sales you will have to generate to achieve this goal.
For example : If the average purchase per customer is R150, then you will have to service x amount of customers per month. Starting off, you will be earning 25% discount on all your personal sales alone. So you can work out how much you will need to sell.
Here are some examples of how much you could earn on your personal sales :
R 7 500.00              R 1 875.00
R 15 000.00            R 3 750.00
R 20 000.00            R 5 000.00
R 29 000.00            R 7 250.00
R 42 000.00            R 10 500.00
R 68 000.00            R 17 000.00
and more….
The good news is that it’s more simple and fun than you can imagine. You will constantly have all the support you need and you have access to brilliant business tools, marketing material and ideas.

The next step is to recruit friends and family who would like to become consultants. It is after introducing people to the Annique Rooibos products and the Annique profit plan that you can start earning some serious money. This is the part of your business that can generate you a large passive income.

For example : with a downline of 155 people. If each person sells products to the value of R1000 each, this is how it could look :
155 x R1,000 = R155,000
Your income could be 15& x R155,000 = R23,250
R 7 501.00             R 300.00
R 15 001.00           R 600.00
R 20 001.00           R 1 450.00
R 29 001.00           R 2 940.00
R 42 001.00           R 6 800.00
R 68 001.00           R 10 200.15

and more…

This could be your passive income from your group, plus you earn additional money on your personal sales. All this money could be earned part-time!

Here is a basic step-by-step guide on how to start :
How to become an Annique Consultant:
•    Complete Annique Consultant Registration form that we will forward to you (Registration is FREE)
•    E-mail it back to consultants@anniquedayspa.co.za with a copy of your ID document
•    We arrange all the product training and additional marketing training at NO COST to our registered consultants.

What is in it for me?

•    When you register as a consultant you need to buy your first time kit. When buying this kit, you get 50% discount on all price list products.
The minimum kit you need to order is R1000 (You pay R500) and the maximum is R4000 (You pay R2000).
Please note your first time kit doesn’t include any specials and are only limited to one of each product.
Wonderful news: You can now get 60% discount on your first kit order until 30 Jan 2014!
•    You get 25% discount on all Annique Products and Specials.
•    You receive Monthly Specials and Consultant Newsletters to keep you up to date with all Annique information.
•    You receive an Annique Folder with all the Product information, success guide and marketing tools to help you start your business.
•    You will receive  step-by-step assistance to help grow your business and make money.
•    You will be part of the Annique World, so you will be invited to all our wonderful meetings and events.
•    We are also here to assist you with any queries or assistance needed.
•    We designed a blog especially for our consultants.

Can I make money?
•    You receive 50% on your first purchase at Annique to start your business.
•    You receive 25% on all Specials and Price List products, every time you purchase.
•    You can receive up to 47% discount on Annique Products, if you decide to build your business and tell others about the business opportunity.

What does it cost?
•    Registration with Annique is FREE!
•    You purchase your first Annique “Kit” at 50% discount (this includes the products on the Product Price List and NOT Specials).
•    You receive 25% discount on all products (including Specials in the Beauté- Our Monthly Product Specials Catalogue).
•    You pay an administration fee of R15 per invoice.
•    There is also a courier fee if you buy for less than R1500, otherwise delivery to your doorstep is absolutely FREE!

To become an Annique consultant, please click here
We are able to assist you with any queries so you can feel comfortable and confident in signing up. Send your questions and concerns to :

call Elmé on : 012 654 4758