Daily facial skin care range for normal and combination skin

The unequaled daily facial skin care range for normal and combination skin, that will ensure that your skin is kept in perfect balance. It will keep your skin effortlessly hydrated and ensure a delicate and fine texture.

Hydrafine Absolute Balancing Freshener


The crucial last step in your skin care routine

Hydrafine Absolute Balancing Freshener has been formulated with a blend of herbal extracts, to help restore the pH balance of the skin. This non-irritating formula aids in the optimal absorption of your Annique moisturisers and treatment products, leaving your skin feeling absolutely balanced.

Hydrafine Nurturing Night Cream


Rich in vitamins to help nourish and repair skin at night

Hydrafine Nurturing Night Cream nourishes and hydrates normal and combination. An effective formula containing multi-vitamins to provide your skin with the perfect overnight moisturising balance.

Hydrafine Ideal Herbal Moisturiser


A non-oily, hypo-allergenic moituriser

Hydrafine Ideal Herbal Moisturiser is a perfectly balanced moisturiser to help soothe condition and soften normal and combination skin. Contains a moisturising botanical complex which allows the skin to remain perfectly hydrated.

Hydrafine Purifying and Rebalancing Masque


Helps to detox skin and refine pores

Hydrafine Purifying & Rebalancing Masque is a remarkable face masque formulated to help purify the skin. It contains a multi-vitamin complex to provide a refreshing, rejuvenating and cleansing treatment with antioxidant benefits, that help to moisturize and balance the skin.

Hydrafine Complete Smoothing Scrub


Revive your skin with this creamy scrub

Hydrafine Complete Smoothing Scrub is a gentle yet effective formula, ideal for removing impurities and dead skin cells, whilst aiding in stimulating the skin’s cell renewal, leaving your skin feeling smooth and healthy.

Hydrafine Normalising Cleansing Milk


A gentle, milky cleanser

Hydrafine Normalising Cleansing Milk is a gentle non-irritating milk cleanser. It easily removes impurities, without disturbing the skin’s delicate balance, leaving your skin feeling soft and clean.