indian head massage

The nitty gritty of an Indian Head Massage

Any time I hear the word “massage” I’m the first one in line, however, very few people know the benefits of an Indian Head massage. It’s a lot more beneficial to your health and well-being than just having someone stimulate your scalp and almost falling asleep in the process. Sure, it feels great and it definitely makes you relax, but here are a few more benefits you probably weren’t aware of:


  • It improves skin tone: Indian Head massage promotes desquamation, which is a technical term for shedding of the outer layers of the skin, thus improving skin tone and colour and making you look younger!


  • It promotes hair growth: If you’re struggling with hair growth, getting an Indian head massage could be the easiest and most natural way of dealing with your problem. Stimulating the scalp increases blood flow and oxygen to the hair follicle and scalp, which in return stimulates hair growth. Problem solved!
  • It’s detoxifying: Getting an Indian head massage stimulates the circulatory system by improving lymphatic drainage and blood flow to your neck, and removing toxins from your body faster, also lowering blood pressure.
  • It improves sleeping patterns:  Overall, it stimulates your nervous system. As a result, your heart rate lowers ensuring you get a good night’s sleep, it relieves tension, nervousness, reduces stress levels, improves concentration, increase the feeling of well-being and just makes you a happier person  :)
  • It prevents infection within the body: Due to the improvement of the lymphatic system, infection is reduced by improving the delivery and production of white blood cells.


  • It improves muscle tension: It’s always a good idea to book an Indian head massage after a rigorous training session at the gym. This particular massage gets rid of toxic waste, in particular lactic acid, that builds up within the muscle tissues after a training session. Soreness and aches are reduced, and muscle tension is relieved. We focus on the neck, head and shoulders for this massage, which relieves tension from sitting at an office desk all day, helps with sinusitis as well as congestion within the nasal cavity.


  • It rebalances the body: Our lives can get so crazy at times that a little rebalancing every now and then is a great idea! Indian Head massage works with the Ayurvedic concept which goes beyond the limits of healing and places emphasis on balance.


So if you’re in need of an overall health and well-being boost, Annique Beauty Salon & Day Spa is only a phone call away!


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