People always have lengthy discussions about Chemical Peeling and if it’s good for your skin or not. I think just hearing the words, Chemical Peel, is enough to let a few people make a run for it, but is it as bad as it sounds?
I went for a Professional Chemical Peel at Annique Day Spa and would like to share my experience with you.
What exactly is Chemical Peeling?
The name kind of says it all; a chemical solution is used to aid in the skin’s natural process of discarding old skin cells to produce new ones.
What conditions are treated with Chemical Peels?
* Acne
* Aging
* Pigmentation

And can also be used for:

* Rejuvenation
* Firming and tightening
* Improving Completion
* Stimulating new tissue growth

How does it work?
I did what they call a Beta Peel, which is great for pigmentation, congested or acne skin or just oily skin.The key ingredient in the Beta Range is Salicylic Acid which is placed in a self-neutralising base.This range is a light superficial chemical exfoliation and the concentrations used at the Spa vary from 15% to 20% .The percentages only indicate the depth of penetration.
In the treatment room the therapist explained to me what the peel is going to do and what to expect.The skin is prepared and the Beta Peel is applied to the skin with a smooth, soft brush.
About 1 minute after application I felt a tingling sensation which only lasts for about 2 minutes.The peel was removed after about 5 minutes.My face was cleansed with a cool, soothing cleanser followed by a Barrier Repair cream and a Sun Block.
My skin felt a bit sensitive to the sun for the rest of the afternoon, but the next morning my face looked and felt AMAZING.
What I loved most about this treatment is that there was no visible skin peeling or lingering redness afterwards and I didn’t need any down time. I was able to apply make-up the next morning.
Chemical peeling isn’t the least bit as scary as it sounds, and I would definitely recommend it.
I saw great results from just one peel and will certainly be back for more!