The perfect Shave: Male Grooming

When it comes to the perfect shave, there a many arguments on what will ensure the best results- although it is safe to say that the classic wet shave can provide the closest and cleanest shave. Many men have left this shaving style far behind and it has become “old school”.

There are two main types of shaving methods:

Wet Shaving (manual shaving)

The first method is done with either a straight razor (or “cut-throat” razor, like you see in a barber shop) or the razors most of us are familiar with- a safety razor (your typical razors that you can buy in supermarkets).  Safety razors are further subdivided into double-edged razors, single edge, injector razors, cartridge razors and disposable razors.


Here are the steps to a classic wet shave:

1. Wet the face with warm water or cover with a warm towel, to soften the skin and hair. This is very important in determining the success of your shave. Simply put: You will get a closer shave and it will be less painful.

2. Apply lather: Soap, Cream, Gel, foam or oil. This furthermore will soften your skin and hairs and it is used to be a guide as to where you have not shaved yet. More recently the shaving balm has yet another function as many new products contain anti-ageing agents, moisturisers and many more benefits. These lathers are also applied with a shaving brush.

3. The Shave commences. Use short multiple strokes instead of few long strokes, as you will be able to remove more hair and reduce the chance of ingrown hairs.

4. Apply Aftershave and other balms to soothe and care for your skin. This step is also very important as it can prevent infection from minor cuts and stop bleeding.


Dry Shaving (Electric Shaving)

The second method is done with an electric shaver  and consists of a set of oscillating or rotating blades, which are held behind a perforated metal screen. When the razor is held against the skin, the hairs poke through the holes in the screen and are sliced by the moving blades. These blades do not need replacing for at least 18 months.


Here are the steps to a dry shave:

1. Ensure electric shaver is charged or plugged into the power socket. Switch shaver on.

2. Apply lotion to stiffen the hairs (optional)

3. Shave over necessary areas.

4. Switch razor off and apply aftershave and other balms.


Wet Shaving vs. Dry Shaving

Wet Shaving

Dry Shaving



Closest Shave

Quicker Shaving

Does not require source of electricity

No need for water / lather supply

Better care for your skin

Fewer cuts / ingrown hairs



Tools needed for the classic wet shave


1. Straight razor or Safety razor

2. Pre-shaving Product: Annique 180°  Shave Gel (Day and Night)

3. Post-Shave Product: Annique Essence Skin Detox (Day and Night)

                                          Annique 180° Moisture Balm with SPF15 & Q10 (Day)

                                          Annique Absolute Balancing Freshner (Day & Night)

                                          Annique180° Night Recovery with Acticell & Green Rooibos (Night)

4. Anti-ageing Product: Annique Essence Intense Repair Serum (Night)

                                          Annique Forever Young Revitalising Cream (Day & Night)


Shave Gel

The 180° Skin Elements for Men Shave Gel is a light foam gel that applies easily, ensuring a close shave. Guar Gum ensures ease of application and enables your razor blade to glide during shaving. This gel contains multifunctional ingredients that increase moisturisation, leaving your skin soft and smooth. Contains Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin E, Green Rooibos extract and Grape Seed Oil that provides energising and antioxidant properties to help prevent premature ageing and protects the skin from environmental damage.


Moisture Balm

The 180° Skin Elements for Men Moisture Balm is a 3-in-1 product that moisturises, energises and protects the skin. It contains Coenzyme Q10, known for its skin energising and revitalising properties and provides 24 hour moisturisation, with added protection against ageing and the elements through an SPF 15 protection factor, to protect the skin against environmental damage. Sun damage is one of the major causes of skin ageing and the daily prevention of overexposure to the sun helps to keep skin looking great. 180° Moisture Balm also contains vitamin E, Green Rooibos extract and Grape Seed Oil for its antioxidant and nourishing properties.



Night Recovery                                        

The 180° Skin Elements for Men Night Recovery with ActiCell is a high performance restorative cream that helps skin to recover after shaving, aids in increased resilience in extreme weather conditions, and provides a heavy duty moisturising effect. It contains RegenerX, a bio-active that helps to reconstruct the skin and ASR Complex that helps to protect and provide defence against harsh environmental factors such as sunlight, free radicals and exposure to the elements. Also contains Annique’s exclusive extract of Green Rooibos, a powerful natural antioxidant together with Grape Seed Oil that strengthens the skin, aiding in improved elasticity and promoting quick recovery of dry and chapped skin.



Return to the classic wet shave and experience a cleaner, closer shave and better looking and cared-for skin. Annique Day Spa stocks the entire 180° skin Elements for men skincare range, along with other men’s products and treatments. You can also rest assured that we are a male-friendly environment and treat all our guests with the upmost discretion and comfort.


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