Pregnancy could be the time where you need some pampering the most, however some treatments should be avoided, as they could be harmful for baby. Here are some ideas of what you can and cannot do.

1.  First and foremost, you should always inform your therapist that you are pregnant and also how far along you are. This ensures that the therapist can safely recommend and perform the correct treatments for you.

2.  What you should definitely avoid:

·         All heat treatments: Infrared Sauna, Steam room, Tanning bed, Jacuzzi

·         Raising your body temperature could affect the circulation of blood and nutrients to your baby

3. Massage:

Massage is the perfect way to relieve aches and tension in the back, neck, shoulders, hips, legs and feet. It will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed and give you a bit of a mood-boost. However you cannot simply go for your usual Aromatherapy or deep tissue massage, as some oils could be harmful to baby and some pressure points could initiate labour. So it is best to check with your therapist if they are experienced or qualified to perform pregnancy massage. You will be made very comfortable with supporting pillows and your bump will not be massaged. Your discretion and preferences are also taken into account with great care. Tell your therapist if the pressure is too much or if you have any sensitive or needy areas. Here is a suggestion of which essential oils are safe and not-so-safe, remember to always double check with your healthcare practitioner if it applies to you personally.


·         Oils that are generally ok:

Bergamot, Coriander, Frankincense, Geranium, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon, Sandalwood, Wild Orange, Ylang Ylang

·         Oils that for some would be better used diluted with a carrier oil:

Clove, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Ginger, Helichrysum, Marjoram, Melaleuca, Myrrh, Oregano, Peppermint, Roman Chamomile

·         Consult with your healthcare practitioner before using these oils: 

Basil, Cassia, Cinnamon bark, Clary Sage, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Thyme, Vetiver, Wintergreen, White Fir

* Use peppermint essential oil sparingly near the end of your pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Mint is known to decrease milk production.


4.  Facials:

Facials are an excellent way to relax and to treat your skin during pregnancy, especially if your skin is under strain because of your hormonal changes. Keep in mind, that for the same reason, your skin may also be sensitive. So take it easy and see what happens to your skin, if you feel any burning or sensitivity it is best not to continue with that facial.

Avoid the following during facials:

  • Retinoid (type of Vitamin A)
  • Any electric current (High Frequency Treatments, DermaLift Galvanic Machine, Micro-Lift)
  • Aroma Basalt Facial


5.  Manicure and pedicure:

Treat your hands and make them look pretty or treat your feet that is carrying extra weight now and you cannot seem to reach to take care of them. A regular manicure or pedicure usually includes the following options depending which you choose: Nail file, shape and paint, exfoliation, cuticle care, massage, soak and scrub & buff. All of this is the perfect treatment for your hands and feet during your pregnancy. Nail polish and nail polish remover are fine to use during pregnancy, just don’t over-do it. Always keep the room well ventilated when painting.

6.  Waxing:

There’s no evidence that waxing is unsafe, but it should be done with care as your skin is likely to be more sensitive and itchy now that you’re pregnant, because of all the hormonal changes in your body. You also have extra blood flowing to your skin, especially in your pubic area. This may mean your bikini wax, and the regrowth of hair, is more painful than usual. Therefore is will be best to do a test on a small area of your skin with the wax, if you have a bad reaction then unfortunately it will be out of the question for you. It is not to say that everybody has a sensitive reaction, in fact most mothers-to-be carry on as per usual with their waxing routines.


7.  Tinting:

Tinting your eyebrows or eye lashes gives a natural look that enhances your features, it could also save you time when applying your daily make-up. As with waxing, it is safe as it is not applied onto the skin. Just keep in mind that your skin or eyes may once again be extra sensitive and your colour may be different now that you’re pregnant. Ask your therapist to leave the tint for a short while and remove it, then re-apply should you need it darker.


8.  Body Treatments:

·         Exfoliation: Safe and very beneficial to remove dead skin cells and prepare the skin for moisturisation. Could help with prevention of stretchmarks.

·         Body Wraps: Should be avoided as it could interfere with your circulation.

·         Faradic Treatments: To be avoided because of current.

·         G5 Treatment: To be avoided because of circulation.

·         Paraffin Masque: Safe and Ideal for very dry, dehydrated skin- especially cracked heels and dry hands.


At Annique Day Spa, we also offer a specialised pregnancy package- the “Mom-to-Be” package which consist of:

·         Full Body Rooibos Exfoliation

·         Moisturise

·         Annique Facial

·         Scalp Massage

·         Spa Pedicure

·         Express Manicure

·         Breakfast or Lunch

The “Mom-to-Be” package is the ideal package during pregnancy to give some much needed attention to your body and it is perfectly safe. This is also the ideal gift to get your friend for her baby shower if she has everything or you are unsure what to get.


We also stock the entire Annique Health and Beauty range, which has some amazing products for before, during and after pregnancy – as well as a whole baby range. Here are some pregnancy-safe helpful products:

·         Essense Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil: for your whole body to prevent and especially treat stretchmarks

·         Essense Moisture Serum: for very dehydrated and dry skin

·         Essense Sensi Crème: For soothing sensitive skin

·         Face Facts Liquid Skin Nutrition Spray: For instant relief and nourishment of dry skin all over

·         Resque Crème: For dry skin, irritated skin, rash, insect bites, mild burns, skin abrasions, eczema, sunburn, chafing, thrush (can be used on babies as well)

·         Body Wonder Sponge: For effective exfoliation on your body (also good for treating cellulite)

·         Forever Healthy OptiC capsules: For antioxidant support

·         Rooibos tea: Packed with antioxidants and many other health benefits

·         Lifestyle Shake: For nutrition and energy and breast milk production, can be a meal replacement and assist with weight loss after pregnancy. Ideal snack when you cannot stomach anything. (available in Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Chai, Café Latte and Limited Edition Lime)

·         For Baby: Body lotion, Shampoo, bath, Rooibos tea, Baby Moist silky Bar, Fabric Softner, Fabric Detergent, Baby Sunscreen SPF 20

·         OptiVite, OptiCalm: Folic acid + Other beneficial vitamins and minerals

·         OptiFlora, OptiMega, OpticalMag, OptiRooibos: All beneficial.

·         Essense Dermabright capsules: pigmentation


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