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Protect Your Baby’s Skin With Annique’s Baby Care Products

During wintertime your baby may experience a few skin problems; this can be avoided by using special baby skin care products. Babies have extremely sensitive, delicate skin. They can often experience discomfort due to diaper rash, cradle cap or other uncomfortable skin problems. If your baby experiences any of the following skin problems, here’s how to effectively treat him/her:


Babies, especially newborns, are prone to rashes. The rashes are not very harmful and usually go away after a while; however, you want to ensure that your baby is comfortable and receives the best care.

Your baby’s skin around the diaper area may appear red. This is usually due to:

  • Wet diapers left on for too long
  • Diapers being too tight
  • A particular brand of diapers or baby wipes that your baby is sensitive to

To avoid this, keep the diaper area exposed to fresh air for a while, change your baby’s diaper when it is wet, wash the diaper area with a warm cloth and apply cream with zinc oxide onto the sensitive area.

Dry Skin

You may find, especially if your baby was born a little late, that his/her skin is dry, maybe even peeling. The skin underneath the dry skin is perfectly healthy.

Annique has a Rooibos Baby Body Lotion for babies that can be used from birth. Apply the gentle moisturising lotion to prevent skin irritation.

Dermatitis or Eczema

If your baby has eczema, he/she may have an itchy, red rash somewhere on the body, even the face. Over time, the rash may make the skin become dry and scaly. Make sure you wash you baby with gentle soaps and moisturise his/her skin properly. Severe eczema may require a proper prescription from a general practitioner.

See Annique’s Baby Bath & Hypo-allergenic Baby Moist Silky Soap. Both are infused with Rooibos extract and are ideal for skin irritations and dryness.


Exposing your baby’s skin to the harsh sun can cause infant sunburn. Make sure that you avoid this at all costs. Use baby hats and umbrellas as well as sunscreen to protect your baby’s very delicate skin.

Annique offers Baby Sunscreen that has SPF 20 and UVA and UVB filters. The sunscreen is ideal for sensitive skin and has a blend of oils and natural ingredients.

When Should You Call Your Paediatrician

Most babies are prone to various problems which aren’t too serious; however, if there are any signs of infection, it may be the right time to visit your Paediatrician. Make sure that you have a comprehensive medical scheme to ensure that you can get the right treatment for your baby.

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