Last week I had the opportunity to experience the 90min anti-ageing Rejuvenating Facial at Annique Day Spa.

Within the skilled hands of my therapist my skin was about to receive a facial treatment that one doesn’t know they need until they have received it, I am 31 and an anti-ageing facial was not something that I particularly thought was something that I wanted or needed to received, only afterwards did I realise what my skin has been totally missing out on.

I woke up the morning after and I was lost for words when I looked in the bathroom mirror, my lines around my eyes had softened, the puffiness and dark circles which I thought where permanent features as a result of daily stresses and motherhood had definitely improved, the soft texture, skin colouration and level of hydration of my skin was nothing less than incredible and this kept on improving until 2days post treatment.

Not only was my treatment amazing for my skin but the level of relaxation was wonderful, there was a moment during the masque where the lights here dimmed, I heard nothing but the birds tweeting alongside subtle instrumental while my scalp was being massaged, I remember thinking to myself this is why I need to do this more, this is that “me time” that we crave and so desperately need in modern society.

I am sure you are possibly wondering at this point what on earth went on during that facial, well I can tell you that it is the best of innovative active skincare ingredients from the Annique Forever Young  Skincare Range combined with the latest machine technology from the 24k Gold beauty Bar and Dermalift II Galvanic Machine, the only sensations that I did feel where a very gentle vibration and a slight tingling sensation during the 3 phases from the Dermalift II both where used expertly  without any discomfort  experienced at all.

The benefit of using both the machines in my facial as explained by my therapist is that I would have increased product penetration due to the galvanic ion exchange from the Dermalift II , hence the radically increased hydration and softness of my skin,  the micro-vibration from the 24k Gold Beauty Bar encourages waste removal from the intricate lymphatic system of the face  which directly reduced my puffiness under my eyes as well as improved the skin colouration from the increased blood circulation and oxygen received  into my cells.

The Rejuvenating Facial is one that I would recommend anyone needing just that to be Rejuvenated, for the mind and my skin it was the best 90min I had spent on myself, this is the facial to book for not only general anti-ageing maintenance but for anyone that has been through a challenging couple of weeks and your skin is showing it or before a special event, I certainly know that it will become part of my long term treatment plan for my skin.