The Skinny on Problem Skin

What is problem skin?

Most of us shriek when we wake up and spot a pimple but for others it is a general everyday-appearance to experience many painful problems on the skin. Although there are many serious skin diseases and disorders, “problem skin” mostly refers to breakouts of pimples and excessive oiliness.

Teenagers and young adults suffer from problem skin the most, although some adults never seem to get rid of the problem. The reason for problem skin can be hormonal, your skin type or because of  inadequate cleansing and treatment of the skin. No matter what the reason or how severe, having problem skin is something nobody wants to deal with.


The different problems and how it works

The skin has many layers and also pores that have hair follicles growing out of them and it excretes sweat. Pores are the small openings on the skin and can be seen if one looks closely at the skin. The top layer of the skin is called the epidermis and this is where you can see the effects of problem skin, including the blockage of pores. A normal and healthy skin, needs the different layers of the skin and the pores  to be clean and optimally hydrated, without producing excessive sebum (natural oil). Without making it too complicated, here are some of the problems and how they occur:


Pores can be blocked by oil, dead skin cells and bacteria. If the pore becomes blocked and stays open, it can have a black colour and these are called blackheads. If the blocked pore closes up, it causes a white looking bump and these are called whiteheads. Keep in mind that these blockages also contain left over moisturiser and other products and aren’t really that gross.


These are bigger pimples caused when the pores’ walls have become too irritated and have broken. Papules are the red bumps that are hard, you probably won’t be able to squeeze them. Pustules are the red bumps that contain a yellowish pus fluid, like a blister. These are most commonly referred to as pimples or zits and are a bit harder to treat.


If the pores become even more severely blocked and irritated, much larger nodules and cysts can develop on your skin and they also go deeper into the skin’s layers. Like papules and pustules, nodules are hard and cysts are softer and contain pus.  These are more severe pimples and should be treated with caution, and possibly medical advice from a dermatologist.


Oily skin is caused by the over production of sebum. It is more prone to blocked pores, blackheads and a build up of dead skin cells, due to its thicker and more rough texture, the pores are more enlarged. On the up side, oily skin is less prone to signs of ageing because of its ability to lock in moisture with an oil-layer on the epidermis.


What is Acne?

Acne can be characterised by the appearance of a lot of pimples including scaly red skin, blackheads, whiteheads, papules, nodules and scarring. It is inflammatory and spread across  the entire face, possibly also the chest and back. The causes of Acne is due to changes in the function of the “oil-glands” (sebaceous glands) which affects the whole pore. These changes also require the stimulation of Testosterone.


Other Areas on the Body

Acne occurs on areas of the skin that contain the most dense population of sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands). These areas are the face, chest and back. In some cases one may find cysts in the armpit, on the buttocks or in the groin. At Annique Day Spa, we can treat your facial skin and also offer the services of treatments on the back, including extractions.



It is difficult to find quick-fix solutions for problem skin, but with the proper care and attention it can be treated effectively and also prevented. For more severe conditions, your therapist may advise you to seek medical attention.

Here are the treatments and products Annique Day Spa can recommend:

For: Acne, Blackheads & Whiteheads, papules & Pustules, Nodules & Cysts


  • Face Facts Teen Facial
  • Deep Cleanse Facial
  • Diamond Peel Facial
  • High Frequency sessions
  • Signature Rejuvenating Facial using DermaLIFTII Red and Blue Phototherapy


  • Essense Skin Detox
  • Essense Sensi Crème
  • Essense Pore Minimising Serum
  • Face Facts Crystal Clear Cleanser
  • Face Facts Smooth Over Scrub
  • Face Facts Calm Down Masque
  • Face Facts Spotless Pimple Treatment
  • Face Facts Moisture Shield SPF 8
  • Face Facts Liquid Skin Nutrition
  • Synergy Oil Control Cleanser
  • Synergy Clean and Calm 2-in-1 Masque & Scrub
  • Synergy Even Skin Moisturizer
  • Synergy Clear Complexion Freshner
  • Synergy Clearly Even Night Crème
  • Resque Crème
  • Forever Healthy OptiSolve
  • Forever Healthy OptiDerm
  • Forever Healthy OptiMega
  • Forever Healthy OptiFlora
  • Forever Healthy OptiClear
  • Detox Tea
  • Colon Tea
  • Relax Tea
  • Green Tea


For: Problem skin on the back


  • Purifying back treatment (Back Scrub, Steam, Extractions, Massage and Purifying Mud Mask)
  •  High Frequency Sessions
  • Diamond Peel Back Treatment


  • Synergy Soap Bar


For: Scarring


  • Infrared Sauna
  • Massage


  • Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil
  • Resque Crème
  • Essense Intense Repair Serum


Note to skin

It is important to remember that one needs to follow a healthy balanced diet, regular exercise, drink enough water and get enough sleep – your skin works from the inside as well. Also note that some skin concerns could possibly be serious skin diseases or indications of other diseases. You should always see a doctor if you note any abnormal changes in your skin.


Problem skin should not affect your life. Visit Annique Day Spa for a skin analysis, to determine which treatments can benefit you as an individual most. We also stock the above mentioned Annique products that have been tried and tested and trusted for 43 years. Make a change today and discover healthy, glowing skin.


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