Sleep Deprived Anyone?

I personally love my zzzzzz’s, but I don’t realise just how special our relationship is until we start spending less time together.. They say time spent apart is sometimes a good thing (apparently you start missing each other and that makes the bond stronger) but in the case of being sleep deprived, spending time apart can be very unhealthy and extremely unproductive!

I remember the days when sleeping was punishment, when staying up through the night was easy, and when waking up really early on a Saturday morning for no reason meant more hours to enjoy my weekend watching cartoons. If you hadn’t picked up on this, those were the days when I was still very young. It seems the older I get, the more sleeping becomes a reward, staying up through the night seems impossible, and waking up really early on a Saturday morning feels like punishment.

Personally, the bond with my zzzzzz’s have become stronger through the years and I like our relationship, but what happens to your body when that relationship starts to fall apart?


Going to the mall sleep deprived could lead to unnecessary credit card debt:

Being sleep deprived causes less activity in the caudate and orbital frontal cortex brain regions, which are linked with the minds reward system. So when faced with an option to lose money, our brains become a little mooshy.

We become real emotional duds:

Being able to recognise other people’s emotions based on their facial expressions becomes harder the less you sleep. A possible explanation, according to a study done by the Université du Québec en Outaouais, could be that you tend to focus more on the lower part of a face when you’re tired.

You can develop a mental illness:

This one’s no joke. Being sleep deprived leads to increased paranoid and delusional beliefs. So if you already have an imaginary friend, missing out on your valuable zzzz’s could turn into a bigger problem.

Bumping your toe against that chair you seem to miss most days could cause more tears than usual:

Whether pain is causing you to sleep less, or if sleeping less is causing you pain, is something you have to figure out and treat correctly. It varies from person to person. However, there’s no doubt that better quality sleep can improve your pain threshold.

Not sleeping enough can lead to you marrying Prince Not So Charming:

Being sleep deprived results in poor judgement, causing us to assess situations very poorly and ultimately leads to wrong decisions. So ladies, if you’re on the look out for Mr Right, take a nap first.

You can end up looking like Benjamin Button in his early years:

Your body releases Cortisol (the stress hormone) when you don’t get enough sleep. Too much Cortisol can break down skin collagen, aging you more that mother nature intended. Your body also releases too little Human Growth Hormone (which strengthens our bones, thickens our skins, and increases muscle mass as we age) You’ll end up with fine lines and dark circles if you’re not careful.

You can end up with a broken heart:

Unfortunately, not getting enough sleep leads to heart disease, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart failure. In this case, you can actually die of a broken heart..


-Moral of the story, sleeping is a good thing.

We like the normal you-


-Not the emotionally unstable, aged, mentally disturbed,

over spender, about to have a heart attack-

sleep deprived