Creme de la creme Gifting 2014

Summer Gifting Range 2014

 Annique’s Crème de la Crème summer gifting range 2014 brings you the ultimate opulence in personal care products. Experience the pinnacle of luxury with this premium gifting range, offering you the best of the best

This year:

4 Products are back by popular demand!

5 Best-selling products are upsized!

12 Brand new products launched!


This shining array of gifts are available at Annique Day Spa while stocks last!


  1. Essense Miracle Tissue Oil 100ml
  2. Diamanté Earrings (Deep Orange)
  3. Delux Diamanté Earrings
  4. Resque Emergency Bag
  5. Resque Crème Upsize 100ml
  6. Resque Circulation Gel 75ml
  7. Lucid Ultimate Moisturiser for Dry Skin Upsize 100ml
  8. Vanilla Rooibos Tea 50g
  9. The Spa life’s Little Luxuries Moisturising Vanilla Hand Cream 30ml
  10. The Spa VIP Vanilla Liquid Hand Wash 185ml
  11. The Spa Supreme Vanilla Bath and Shower Wash 200ml
  12. Colour Caress Crème Blusher Bronze
  13. Refreshing Cranberry Flavoured Rooibos Tea 50g
  14. Luxurious Ladies’ Watch
  15. Signature men’s watch
  16. Unbelievable Umbrella
  17. Essense Lifting Essense Neck and Bust Cream Upsize 150ml
  18. Revitalising Cream Gift Set
  19. Stylish Summer Handbag
  20. Fun in the Sun SPF 20 Upsize 200ml
  21. Essense Moisture Serum Upsize 50ml
  22. Tasteful Toiletry Bag
  23. Tenacity EDP 50ml


Visit us or contact us to stock up on your Christmas gifts before the big rush and spoil your friends, family, colleagues or yourself with gifts from this stunning selection!


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