Summer is just around the corner and I’m sure there are a few gorgeous dresses you can’t wait to dig out. The only thing that keeps you from flaunting your foxy look is the one thing almost every woman dreads – winter white legs!

Like with almost all beauty emergencies, we at Annique Day Spa have the solution. Our sunbed has been improved with brand new UV lights, which will insure that you have your summer tan in no time.

Depending on your skin color, the average person can develop a base tan in 3-5 sessions which can then be maintained with regular sunbed sessions. It is recommend that you leave at least one or two days between sessions to give the skin time to rest and regenerate. It is important to look after your skin, to avoid brown spots and burns as well as to prolong the tan. Please remember to be extra careful if you have fare skin, as this skin type burns easily. The darker the skin the less likely it is to burn and the more likely it is to get a tan real quickly.

When picking underwear or swimwear make sure to keep tanning lines in mind. We suggest that you always tan with the same underwear/swimwear to insure that your body is evenly tanned and tanning lines are kept to a minimum. Try to cover up sensitive areas in the body as they are more prone to burning.

Always remember to use the safety goggles that are provided in the cubical. Merely closing you eyes isn’t enough to protect them from serious retina and eyesight damage, as the UV rays can still penetrate through the thin skin on the eyelid.
Tan enhancers are a great way to get maximum results out of your tanning sessions. Just be sure to use a quality product that is suitable for your skin type.
Another alternative to tan enhancers is to eat foods that warm up your skin tone and help maximize the tanning process.

Yellow or Orange fruits and vegetables help to warm up the skin tone. Carrots, peppers, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and cantaloupes can over time lead to a warm skin tone if consumed daily.

Foods such as chicken, beef, fish, seaweed, soy foods and dairy are high in Tyrosine. Tyrosine is an important amino acid which aids in the production of melanin. The body also needs vitamin B2 which helps activate the process of melanin production. Vitamin B2 can also be found in the above mentioned foods.

Thanks to sunbeds and Mother Nature, getting your body summer ready is easy. Not only will you have a beautiful glowing tan, but your body will also be much healthier.

It’s time to get your tan on!