Take a brak at annique day spa

Taking a break in 2015

As we start of a new year with exciting possibilities, we also look to ourselves and how we will better ourselves by setting new priorities in place. Make this year better by taking a break from all the inevitable hectic things going on in your life and make the decision to start taking care of yourself. Pressing on day-by-day can all add up and make you fall behind if you don’t feel balanced and whole.


You can start taking care of yourself today and it will be easy…


Taking care of yourself involves the well-being of your body, mind and soul. You work hard each day and you deserve a break, its as simple as that. Your action plan to start taking care of yourself is going to be to go to a spa and get yourself pampered. Going to a spa is not a sin or just a luxury or only for the rich and famous. Anybody is welcome at a spa and treated by professional therapists, exactly according to your needs and concerns.


Your Body

Treatment of your body will depend on your physical concerns and preferences. Most people do not recognise the value of a massage treatment. Massage therapy physically aids you in releasing tension from your muscle groups that have built up over months- or years! You will be surprised at how relieving it is to feel totally relaxed in your body and how it will mobilise you. Many people build up muscular tension simply because of stress and anxiety but it could also be due to carrying your children around, your posture, driving, your sleeping position, pregnancy, sport or exercise and various other things. Not only will your designated therapist aid you in relieving muscular knots but she or he will also help you identify what could be the possible reasons for your discomfort and advise you on how to make the necessary adjustments. Studies show that the benefits of massage therapy are long lasting and also include: weight loss and detoxification, improved blood circulation, lower blood pressure, improved sleeping patterns, increased immunity, stabilised blood sugar, improved lung function and so much more.


Besides massage therapy, there a many other treatments that you can benefit from. You should also consider it necessary to pamper yourself at a spa so you can get it done thoroughly by a professional, as one does not always get time to properly take care of your personal ‘beauty chores’. A Full body exfoliation and a body wrap can help you get rid of dead skin cells, renew a glow to your skin, stimulate blood circulation, help get rid of cellulite, detoxify you and treat problem skin on your back and other areas. Hand and foot treatments such as a manicure and pedicure is also a vital part of your personal grooming. You do not have to get acrylic or gel done, there are many different options for a mani or a pedi, that can be as uncomplicated as cuticle care, foot soak, massage, scrub and buff, nail filing and shaping, paint and a hydrating paraffin masque. You also have the option to paint your nails a nice colour or the ever popular and classic French paint. For those watching their figure, slimming treatments such as Faradic treatment, that tighten and tone your body- or G5 treatment, improves blood circulation and lymph circulation to target cellulite.

One cannot forget to mention the importance of taking care of your body’s biggest organ- the skin. All over skincare is very important but taking care of your facial skin is the greatest of them all. At this stage you may feel that it is superficial or simply to late to want to look good. This will change. There will come day when you wish you had just given yourself the opportunity to take a little time out and get it done. There are many different facial treatments for every skincare concern, ranging from anti-ageing treatments to problem skin and once again your therapist will recommend and treat you according to your personal and unique needs and concerns.



Spa therapies are greatly beneficial for your state of mind, relieving issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, acute fatigue, irritability, ADHD, post traumatic stress and more. Through touch, massage presses down on nerve cell receptors under the skin, activating the nervous system and by doing this stimulates the release of mood enhancing chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin. This reduces production of stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. So on a physical level, massage therapy works on the nervous system in the body, to chemically alter your mood. Massage therapy and touch can have profound effects on us as humans, in fact it is one of our most deepest needs and desires to connect with others and feel cared for. Most spas also incorporate the use of aromatherapy in their treatments, which can have powerful natural healing properties and also have a positive and reinforcing effect on your state of mind. Every essential oil used in aromatherapy has specific benefits, for example uplifting the mood, aiding in concentration, deep relaxation, calming the senses and so forth.



For many, massage brings a sense of comfort, caring and a feeling of empowerment, which allows for an increased quality of life. During your treatments at the spa you should ultimately feel comfortable to relax and let go and tune in to your thoughts and feelings while focusing on your breathing. In this time you are free to connect with your inner feelings and beliefs and rekindle them. As your treatment progresses, you will  allow yourself to build a relationship with your therapist and learn to trust the person. Establishing a new relationship with a person that is essentially taking care of you and your needs, will allow you to see the good in people again and remember how we are all in search of a deeper meaning to life and a sense of connecting and growing spiritually.

Popular French philosopher Descartes, has shared with us his theory of “body-mind dualism”, that essentially tells us that the body cannot exist without the mind and vice versa. If there is one valuable change you can make in 2015, it should be to take a break and start taking care of yourself. A healthy body equals a healthy mind, thoughts produces actions and holistically your entire quality of life will benefit from it.

You may find yourself looking for a spa to go to, where you can start your journey in well-being. I can highly recommend Annique Day Spa, situated in Clubview, Centurion. Annique Day Spa is a highly professional but laid back little gem, where you will be treated on a personal level according to your specific needs. A beautiful and enchanting setting between large old trees will ensure you can make yourself comfortable and be transported away to your well deserved break. The staff are highly qualified, will openly accept you as you are and treat you with absolute enthusiasm and discretion. You can also choose to make use of the water facilities such as a jacuzzi, infrared sauna and steam room or sit in a beautiful secret garden while you enjoy a wholesome lunch. How often you want to come in is absolutely up to you and your therapist will also guide you in recommending what will be best for you. You are welcome to bring a friend, mother, sister, brother, colleague or anyone that you think will benefit from a break. Many people also use this opportunity to celebrate a special occasion, where you can be treated at the same time, in the same room.

You can visit their website at www.gentletouch.co.za or send an email with your enquiry to info@anniquedayspa.co.za or alternatively contact them on 012 654 0602/7 to make a booking. There are great monthly specials and packages available, as well as the opportunity to win a hamper filled with exceptional Annique products valued at R3000, that you can use at home to extend your experience. To enter this competition, simply like Devoted Magazine and Annique Day Spa on Facebook, look for the competition post and share it with your friends and family.