Mapping the future of Skin Care

Face Mapping

There are many new, revolutionary technologies and techniques today that can improve your skin and advance beauty but none of them can compare to the relatively new technique of skin mapping. Here at Annique Beauty Salon & Day Spa, we continuously try new techniques and methods in order to make our clients’ experience more relaxing and beneficial, and skin mapping is a very effective method to determine a necessary skin care regimen. Our promise to our clients is to deliver the best spa health treatments and leave them feeling refreshed, relaxed and healthy. And, with the technique of face mapping, we can now determine exactly what skin treatments our clients need in order to ensure their dermal health. In essence, face mapping is a unique form of skin analysis to determine your skin’s past and present, it’s current health and condition and it completely eliminates guesswork, allowing you to acquire the correct skincare products necessary for the continued health of your skin

Face mapping is a technique whereby a client’s face is divided into fourteen zones and each zone is thoroughly examined millimetre-by-millimetre through touch and sight by our professional Somatologists. After which we can determine the condition of your skin in the past, its current condition and what skincare products best suit your needs. The comprehensive mapping of the face can also highlight other problems that can be remedied like congestion, break-outs, dehydration and hyperpigmentation. By mapping our client’s skin we can maintain and promote a necessary skincare regimen and, here at Annique Beauty Salon & Day Spa, it allows our Somatologists to not only prescribe the best skincare products but also to maintain an active record of your skin which would allow you to chart the continuous health of your skin. The health of not only your skin but that of your entire body and mind is very important to us. That is why techniques like face mapping is actively used at Annique, simply to further the process of promoting your health.

Face Mapping

Everything costs money these days. In fact, you’ll be hard pressed to find any real free services anymore. But, here at Annique Beauty Salon & Day Spa, our Somatologists apply this revolutionary technique absolutely free and our reasons are very simple. Sure, we’re a business and every business is out there to generate profit but we are a very people orientated business and we care about our clients’ wellbeing. Amazing techniques like face mapping is only one of many techniques, treatments and methods we use here at Annique to improve your health. So, browse through our site and, if you have any questions, be sure to complete our online enquiry form and one of our courteous representatives will return your call as soon as possible. Don’t you think that it’s about time for you to spoil yourself? After all, you deserve it and, here at Annique Beauty Salon & Day Spa, we heartily agree.