Do you want to quit your day job?

If you find yourself often day dreaming of a better life and leaving your current day job, consider putting a plan into action.


Some signs that you should quit your current day job:


  • If you aren’t being paid, paid enough or always paid late making your finances unpredictable.
  • Being undervalued and mistreated by your current employer.
  • Being disrespected or otherwise inappropriately treated.
  • Disagreeing with the company ideals, values and strategies and not being able to change it for the better.
  • Not getting along with your manager or colleagues.
  • Not fitting in with the company culture and image.
  • Not learning new skills or growing.
  • Not having a passion for what you are doing or not enjoying what you are doing.
  • Never having time off for family, socialising, traveling, hobbies etc.
  • Calling in sick on Mondays because you don’t feel like going to work or you are scared of going.
  • The ambiance in the work place is ‘toxic’ (unhealthy levels of gossip, backbiting, politics and negativity)
  • The stress level in your job is adversely affecting your health and/or personal relationships.
  • Constantly feeling burnt-out or that you can’t carry on.


Obviously you cannot just quit your job and expect all the bills to pay themselves and you would become frustrated of doing nothing. So you should start looking out for a new opportunity. Start by making a list of what you would like to do or would be ideal conditions for your expected quality of life. For instance, would you like to be self employed and start a new business venture as an entrepreneur or would you like to become part of an organisation or company that would suit your skills or provide an excellent opportunity for training while you are working there.


Look for opportunities:

  • Online
  • In local newspapers
  • Talk to your friends and family and they can also keep a look out


The Annique Business Opportunity

The Annique Health and Beauty Business Opportunity is an excellent option should you want to leave your current job. In a nutshell, the Annique Business Opportunity works as follows:

  • Earn 25% – 47% discount on your personal sales of 240+ Premium Products
  • You can recruit additional consultants and start a group should you wish and earn an additional discount of up to 15% on your group sales.
  • Low start-up capital requirement
  • Low operational costs
  • You also have the ability to keep your present job, while running your Annique Business part-time.
  • Opportunity to be your own boss.
  • Over 20 000 consultants.
  • Products with the highest-quality Rooibos extract.
  • Exports to 18 countries.
  • Numerous local and international awards.
  • 42+ years of credibility, growth and success.
  • Work flexi-time to suit your lifestyle.


Where to start?


1. Find an Independant Annique Consultant and join

2. Get all the Tools you need to start your business

3. Draw up a Business Plan for yourself

4. Sell

5. Earn massive discount

6. Recruit consultants to grow your network

7. earn an additional passive Income if you recruit


Annique Day Spa is an Independant Annique Consultant that can assist you with any questions, joining and developing your business.

Contact us for more information:


Annique Day Spa

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