It’s World Health Day!

In the spirit of World Health Day, what can be healthier than Rooibos? My point exactly! It’s a known fact that Rooibos tea not only tastes good, but it has amazing health benefits too! In fact, the first evidence of people making Rooibos tea goes back 300 years. If you ask me, it’s one of the best discoveries to date! Rooibos tea has the same health benefits whether it’s drunk hot or cold, which makes it a great tea choice 365 days of the year. Here are a few amazing health benefits:


  • Rooibos protects your heart:

    Prevention is better than cure! Rooibos contains an antioxidant called Chrysoeriol, which can not only prevent but cure heart disease by inhibiting the migration of smooth muscle cells inside the aorta, and enhancing glutathione levels (which is an antioxidant of the body) Rooibos can also reduce blood cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and relieve spasms.


  • Rooibos prevents cancer:

    Rooibos contains an antioxidant that slows down cancer by protecting DNA cells against oxidative damage, or by removing damaged cells.


  • Rooibos protects the liver:

    If Rooibos has the power to prevent cancer, it definitely has the power to protect you from liver disease, by regenerating damaged liver tissue, which in effect treats and prevents liver disease.

  • Rooibos alleviates inflammation and allergies:

    Rooibos contains an anti-inflammatory known as quercetin. So even if you’ve had a really tough training session at the gym, drinking a cup of Rooibos tea can reduce muscle pain post exercise.


  • Rooibos helps with digestion:

    It helps calm the muscles in your gastrointestinal tract, allowing food to be digested easier, reducing constipation and any other nasty side effect due to our poor diets (especially after the Easter weekend)

  • Rooibos has a calming effect:

    Rooibos contains no caffeine, which means you can have a cup of tea before bed without the caffeine rush, and get a good night’s sleep, which is a safer alternative to sleeping pills.


So the next time you feel the need to reach for prescribed medicine, consider Rooibos tea as an alternative.

It’s true what they say, a cup of Rooibos tea a day keeps the doctor away!


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