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The A-Z of a Body Wrap

Have you ever had a body wrap?  Perhaps you are unsure of what it entails or you are sceptical that it is too much of a mess and a fuss. Consider the following explanatory guide to convince you to try this ‘cocoon-experience’ and feel fantastic.

Here are some of the benefits or functions of different body wraps:

·         Slimming: Loose centimetres, drop a clothes size. This is ideal for a special occasion. It will also leave your skin tightened and more toned.

·         Detox: Eliminate toxins from the body and skin, by stimulating the metabolism.

·         Anti-cellulite: Assists in the breakdown of cellulite to minimise uneven appearance.

·         Ease muscle tension and muscle ache: All over your body. Can also help relieve symptoms of arthritis.

·         Improve acne: Clear up acne breakouts on your back and other areas.

·         Hydration: Deeply and intensively hydrate your skin all over.

·         Soften your skin: Will leave your skin feeling silky soft all over.

·         Nourish and re-mineralise your skin: Replace minerals and nourishment  into your skin to leave it healthy and repair damage.

·         Relaxation: Spend some time alone feeling pampered and cosy, while deeply relaxing in a perfect environment with soothing music.

EXFOLIATION: Before you are wrapped in your chosen body wrap, your therapist will exfoliate your skin from top to toe. This will ensure that all the dead cells from the skin’s surface are removed, which in return increases the penetration and effectiveness of the products through your skin. This step will already do wonders by increasing your blood circulation and rejuvenating your skin leaving it looking and feeling great.


So what exactly happens?

In a nutshell a body wrap is quite literally when your body is wrapped in insulating plastic sheets, towels and blankets after your body has been treated and covered in a specialised body mask, designed to act with specific functions. Here are the general steps of what to expect when having a body wrap:


1. Make an appointment at the spa for yourself or yourself and a friend, family member, spouse.

2. Arrive for your appointment and meet your qualified therapist.

3. Choose your specific wrap from options presented to you, according to your needs.

4. You will be guided to your room, where you can remove your clothing privately and cover yourself in the towels provided. Get comfortable on your treatment bed.

5. Your therapist will now enter the room and exfoliate your body with scrub to prepare it for the mask treatment.

6. Next you will be slathered in the mask of your choice.

7. Now it is time to wrap you up in insulating plastic sheets, towels and blankets to keep you warm for the 20-30 minutes that you will now relax in serenity.

8. The therapist will return and unwrap you, where after you go and take a shower in your private room to remove the mask from your body.

9. The final touch is a moisturising 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage.

10. The therapist will once again leave the room for you to get dressed at leisure and gather your belongings, where after you are free to go home feeling mended and relaxed. The whole process takes about 90 minutes.


MASKS: are typically made of base ingredients like algae, seaweed, mud, clay, lotion or cream.


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