4 Steps to Slimming Down

In today’s modern society we all lead busy and stressful lives. As we rush around trying to fit everything into our day, we often skip meals, forget to eat and end up making poor choices, eating processed foods that are high in sugar and contain ‘bad’ carbohydrates. As a result, we are often overweight and struggle to maintain an ideal weight and figure. Even more important, we are ill and have no energy.

Here are the 4 essential steps to a new you :


The first step to a healthy body is to detoxify and cleanse the body. This allows the body to eliminate toxins that have built up over time as a result of incorrect eating and kicks organs (especially the liver) into gear to start burning stored body fat for energy.


The process:

•    Detoxification occurs when the variety and quantity of foods introduced into the body is restricted as per the Annique Lifestyle Programme.
•    The body will know how much and what kind of toxic matter should be eliminated.
•    Assist your body to detox with Forever slim ActiCleanse capsules.

Benefits of Detoxification:

•    Eliminates toxins from the body.
•    Cleanses the liver and other organs.
•    Allows the whole body to operate more efficiently.
•    Results in more energy and reduces cravings.
•    Helps to balance hormones that can influence moods.
•    Prepares the body for more efficient weight loss.

What to expect:

•    As the food intake is reduced, the body will immediately try to get rid of excess matter. Signs that toxins are being eliminated can occur within hours or days. These could be accompanied by headaches, dizziness, weakness and a queasy feeling in the stomach.
•    The mode of elimination is called the healing crisis and t is important to know the symptoms of what you can expect over a period of four, seven or 15 days, depending on what kind of toxins are in your body.
•    The healing crisis occurs in one of five forms:

1.Nosebleed: May be preceded by dull sense of hearing, ringing in the ears, tears, nose itching and beating of the veins in the temples.
2. Vomiting: Signs of asthma, change in rhythm of breathing, bitter taste in mouth, cardiac pain, stomach cramps, a lower pulse rate and trembling of the lower lip.
3. Urination: Symptoms of heaviness of the bladder, thickness of and excess urine, bright colour of urine on the fourth day of detoxification.
4. Perspiration: Signs of light headedness, itching, and alternating chills and fever.
5. Diarrhoea: Signs of intestinal pain and cramping, heaviness of the body, flatulence, backache, discoloured faeces and grumbling intestines.

Annique Forever Slim ActiCleanse : Assists natural detoxification

Key features of Forever slim ActiCleanse

•    Only one capsule per day is required.
•    Contains a variety of potent herbal extracts and other ingredients that are stimulant free.
•    Contains Green Rooibos, curcumin and black currant – all rich in antioxidants.
•    Ginger assists with digestion and detox.
•    Buchu helps alleviate water retention.

Key benefits of Forever Slim ActiCleanse

•    Helps to speed up weight loss by stimulating digestion.
•    Aids in elimination of waste products i.e. cleansing your body naturally.
•    Reduces swelling and bloating caused by fluid retention.

Additional Aids during the Detoxification Process:

•    OptiClear – Contains Absorbatox™ that absorbs heavy metals, toxins and nitrates.
•    OptiC – Vitamin C has vast and amazing health properties, including aiding the detox process.
•    OptiFloraSoothes detox challenges like bloating, constipation and indigestion.
•    Detox Tea – Contains ginger to improve circulation and remove toxins and promote digestion.
•    Green Rooibos – Supplies more antioxidants, bio-flavonoids and aspalathin than Rooibos Tea.
•    Bladder and Kidney Tea – Contains mountain Buchu to cleanse bladder and kidneys, bring natural relief from burning when urinating and other infections in the body. Excellent for reducing sensitivity during PMS and menstruation.


What is metabolism?

Your metabolism involves a complex network of hormones and enzymes that not only convert food into fuel but also affects how efficiently you burn that fuel.
The process of the metabolism determines the rate at which we burn our calories and therefore how quickly we gain or lose weight.

Benefits of a healthy metabolism:

•    Improves energy levels.
•    Helps all the organs of the body to function efficiently.
•    Helps to reduce the risk of many diseases including heart disease, strokes, obesity.
•    Helps with improvement of thyroid functioning which affects hormone balance, mood swings, etc.

What to do:

•    Exercise regularly: exercising for 30 minutes to an hour even three times a week will help boost your metabolism. This does not have to be at a gym. Walking, running, cycling, jogging, exercising at home all count. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, take your dogs for a walk or enjoy a walk in the park over the weekend!
•    Follow the Annique Lifestyle program.
•    Take Annique Forever Slim Activate capsules.
•    Include Annique Metabolism Tea and Stomach Tea in your daily routine.

Annique Forever Slim Activate : Supports an active metabolism

Key Features of Forever Slim Activate

•    Only one capsule per day is required.
•    Contains a variety of potent herbal extracts and other natural ingredients that are stimulant free.
•    Green Rooibos extract, Green Tea and Goji Berry provide potent antioxidants.
•    Natural ingredients aid in boosting the metabolism.

Key benefits of forever slim ActiVate

•    Supports the weight loss process.
•    helps to boost metabolism, resulting in an efficient metabolic rate.
•    Helps to improve energy levels.



Now that you have kick started your metabolism, the next step is to increase your body’s ability to use up the body fat for energy.


Benefits :

•    If you are not eating refined carbohydrates and sugar, the body will start using up existing stored fat for energy.
•    It will use fat for energy i.e. burning calories and you will start to lose weight.
•    Eventually, your muscles will also start to tone, when supported by the right exercise and supplements.
•    You will start feeling fitter and have more energy.
•    Your clothes will start to fit more comfortably and gradually you will lose weight on a consistent , sustainable basis.

What to do:

•    Keep exercising, or if only exercising once a week, increase the frequency of exercise and try to include some weight bearing exercise such as pilates, yoga, body conditioning, stretching to increase flexibility and tone muscles.
•    Keep following the Annique Lifestyle Programme.
•    Help control your appetite and hunger cravings with Annique Forever ActiLess, so that you don’t eat more calories than your body needs during the weight loss process.
•    Help to speed up the loss of those kilograms by taking Annique Forever Slim ActiSlim Capsules.
•    Choose from the following Herbal Teas to support your weight loss process: Colon Cleanse, Green Rooibos and Stomach Tea.

Annique Forever Slim ActiSlim : Supports weight loss

Key Features of Forever Slim ActiSlim

•    Only two capsules a day are required.
•    Contains a variety of potent herbal extracts and other ingredients that are stimulant free.
•    Green Rooibos extract and Green Tea provide powerful antioxidants.
•    Natural ingredients and chromium support the body in breaking down stored fat for energy.

Key benefits of Forever Slim Actislim

•    Supports the weight loss process.
•    Helps to release excess body fat by burning calories.
•    Aids in transporting fatty acids to cells, where it can be burned for energy.
•    Contains CLA, which is Conjugated Linoleic Acid, to help decrease the amount of body fat stored in the body and tone muscles.
NB : ActiSlim contains Garcinia Cambogia! (“the Holy Grail of weight loss”, according to Oprah Winfrey and many other celebrities)

Annique Forever Slim ActiLess : Assists with appetite control

Key Features of Forever Slim ActiLess

•    Only one capsule a day is required.
•    Contains a variety of potent herbal extracts and other ingredients that are stimulant free.
•    Contains Green Rooibos which is rich in antioxidants.
•    Cinnamon, gymnema and chromium help to balance blood sugar, thus aiding in suppressing appetite.

Key Benefits of Forever Slim ActiLess

•    Helps to suppress and regulate the appetite.
•    Helps to control food cravings.
•    helps to balance blood sugar levels.
•    helps to give a feeling of fullness and suppress feelings of hunger.


You have reached your goal weight! Now you need to maintain it.

•    Remember to keep eating healthily and exercise regularly, three or more times a week.
•    Keep drinking Annique Herbal Teas.
•    Take Annique Forever Slim and forever Healthy supplements to maintain your ‘holistic body confidence strategy’.

Annique Lifestyle Shakes

Actively follow your Annique Lifestyle Programme and replace one or two meals per day with an Annique Lifestyle Shake. Choose from the following flavours:

Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate of Café Latte.

Choose a happy new you today! Follow the steps :

1. Detoxification
2.Kickstart your metabolism
3. Burn Fat and Tone your body.
4. Maintain your lifestyle change.


. Start your new life today :

•    drug-free answers to weight loss and health
•    no fasting
•    safe and natural with long term results
•    simple and easy to follow
•    lifestyle and family compatible


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