Anti-ageing treatments and products have become part of most of our daily skincare routines, as we realise the benefits and how our environment, lifestyle and diets are aging us day-by-day. So we slap on our sunscreen when we are on the beach and we apply our anti-wrinkle cream at night and hope for the best, ie. a younger-looking face. But what about your ears, teeth and other body parts that are neglected? Here are 9 areas that you should consider to keep your age a more of a secret…

1. Hands

Yes, we have all heard these areas  can easily give away your age – but why? Your feet, hands and elbows take a lot of strain, as they are very exposed and experience daily ‘punches’.

  • Washed more than 10 times a day with soap, leading to dryness and stripping of skin
  • Always exposed to sunlight, making way for sun damage
  • Exposed to cleaning chemicals
  • Constantly in use, bending, stretching etc. Needs more repairing.

What to do for your hands:

Most importantly, apply sunscreen on your hands everyday! You  also need to accept that your hands could do with the same treatment that your face receives. So when you are treating your face- exfoliate, masque and moisturise your hands as well. Here are some helpful products:

  • Lucid Perfecting Cream Exfoliator Exfoliate
  •  Essense Antioxidant Radiance MasqueMasque
  • Face Facts Liquid Skin Nutrition Nutrient Rich Instant dry skin relief (Spray)
  • Sun Care Be Wise SPF 50 with DN-AgeSun Protection and anti-ageing
  • Forever Young Revitalising Cream Anti-ageing treatment
  •  Essense Rooibos Miracle Tissue OilTreatment of scars, evens out skin tone, cuticle care


2. Neck

The neck and bust are ladies’ pride and most revealing ageing area. Shockingly we forget about the back of the neck, which could end up looking really funny.

  • The back of the neck is exposed to the sun more, as we usually sit with our backs to the sun
  • The back of the neck experiences chafing from our shirts
  • Wearing scarfs in winter can absorb all the moisture in the skin around the neck

What to do for your neck:

Once again sunscreen is key, apply it everyday front and back of neck. Don’t clean your neck with harsh soaps, gently cleanse the neck, exfoliate, masque and moisturise. This is the perfect opportunity to indulge in moisturising your neck whilst giving it a little massage to release tension from the day that has passed. Here are some helpful products:

  • Essense Derma Block SPF 30Sunblock formulated for the skin and neck
  • Forever Young Revitalising CreamAnti-ageing treatment
  • Forever Young Youth Boost To lift and firm sagging skin
  • Lucid, Hydrafine, Synergy or Face Facts Exfoliator Exfoliate
  • Lucid Silky Skin Replenisher Mask Masque
  • Essense Lifting Essence Neck and Bust CreamFirm and tighten, reduce uneven skin tone


3. Eye Lashes

Your “beautiful-batters” need some attention as well. Take care of your lashes to keep them supple and long. Short, sticky, brittle eye lashes can make you look older and worn out.

  • Eye lashes wear mascara everyday that dry out your lashes
  • Rubbing of itchy, tired eyes could damage and break your eye lashes

What to do for your eye lashes:

Keep your eye lashes hydrated with your day-to-day facial products. Be careful not to get products in your eyes. You could use an old, clean mascara wand to comb the product through the hairs. Here are some helpful products:

  • Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil Infused with 6 nourishing oils to rejuvenate and revive
  •  Forever Young Eye Therapy Maintains the hair folicles elasticity
  • Essense Moisture SerumInfused with Inca Omega OIl to deeply Moisturise
  • Essense Intense Repair SerumTo repair broken, brittle lashes


4. Hairline

Both men and women suffer from hair loss or receding hairlines. This is a dead giveaway of ageing.

  • Stress causes hair loss because of the hormonal reactions your body releases
  • Stress causes you to handle your hair with pressure, eg. sitting with your hands in your hair
  • Wearing a tight ponytail or bun pulls your hair out and causes tension on your forehead making way for wrinkles
  • Nutritional deficiencies cause hair loss
  • Over-cleansing hair causes it to become dry and brittle

What to do for your hair:

Wash your hair with a good shampoo every second day, use conditioner and apply a hair mask and leave-in conditioner often. Do not tie your hair too tightly and never sleep with your hair tied up. Cut your hair in layers around your face to create a ‘lifting’ effect, one length tends to draw the eye downwards creating the illusion of sagginess. Here are some helpful products:

  • Resque Hair Nutrition for thinning hair, dry scalp, hair growth and colour protection
  • Rooibos Miracle Tissue oilHair repair
  • Face Facts Liquid Skin Nutritionsmooth and protect during styling
  • Forever Young Revitalising CreamApplied on hairline and forehead for wrinkles



Believe it or not, your ears can look old!

  • The sensitive skin on ears are directly exposed to sun
  • We do not include our ears in our facial routine

What to do for your ears:

Once again, apply sunscreen to your ears everyday. Also remember to cleanse your ears inside and out, moisturise and apply anti-ageing cream. Here are some useful products:

  • Essense Derma Block SPF 30Sun Protection
  • Forever Young Revitalising CreamAnti-ageing treatment


6. Teeth

Sparkly white teeth can take years of your appearance. Yellow, stained teeth and dentures can make you look older and run down.

  • Coffee, tea and tobacco stain teeth
  • Not taking care of your teeth can lead to loss of permanent teeth and them being replaced by dentures

What to do for your teeth:

Firstly you need to brush your teeth twice a day, floss daily and use a mouth wash for extra care. Always drink your coffee or tea fast, so that each sip doesn’t repeatedly recoat your teeth and stain them. If you cannot quit smoking, be a higienic smoker – rinse your mouth or chew gum after every ciggarette. Strawberries, apples and grapes are natural tooth cleansers and break down stains. Here are some useful products:

  • Resque MistTeeth whitening and tooth ache, anti-bacterial
  •  OptiCalmagStrong, healthy teeth


7. Feet

Be kind to your feet. Years of wear and tear can be hard on them. So can disease, bad circulation, poorly trimmed toenails, and wearing shoes that don’t fit. Aged feet tend to have a rough texture and yellow toenails.

  •  Feet spend a lot of time “squashed-up” in shoes, perfect conditions for fungi
  • Toenails are porous and discolour over time
  • Older feet naturally develop more problems because the skin tends to thin and lose it’s elasticity
  • Dry skin, especially on the soles of the feet may cause cracking or an itchy rash.
  • Ageing can cause uneven skin texture and lesions

What to do for your feet:

Practise foot hygiene – do not share nail clippers and other tools and make sure your salon practises hygiene to prevent contracting diseases such as foot or nail-fungus. Always keep your feet warm enough, weargood, supportive shoes and exercise. Make sure your feet are dry before you put your shoes on. Treat your feet as well as you can, cleanse, scrub and moisturise. Here are some helpful products:

  • Face Facts Liquid Skin Nutrition immediate relief of dryness, itching and cracked heels
  • Essense Intense Repair Serum Healing, skin repair,  improve texture and colour, collagen and elastin
  • Resque Crémehealing of sores, itching, infections
  • Essense Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil Treat scars, anti-ageing, improve texture and renewal
  • Resque Mist – dry skin, cracked heels, anti-bacterial (acts as foot powder)
  • Resque Zero Ache+ Muscle pains and strains, improve circulation
  • Body Wonder Sponge – Specialised exfoliating sponge to treat and prepare the skin


8 & 9. Elbows & Knees

It seems that these two are dead-giveaway areas that we tend to give up on and neglect as we don’t neccessarily see them ourselves. The skin on the knees and elbows are lax and we have a bit more, so that we can bend them- this leads to wrinkling, darker skin, dryness and flaky patches.

  • As we age our skin darkens on the thicker parts.
  • We lean a lot of our weight on our elbows and knees.
  • Elbows and knees are most of the time exposed to the elements.
  • As we age, our supporting muscles relax.

What to do for your elbows and knees:

Always apply sunscreen to protect this skin from becoming even darker, more dry etc. Exfoliate regularly to remove the dead, flaky skin and stimulate circulation. This will also assist with lightening the skin. Moisturise mornings, evenings and during the day if you feel they are dry. Use anti-ageing and skin tightening products. Do exercise that strengthen your quadriceps and knee joints, this will help lift the excess, loose skin. Here are some helpful produts:

  • Essense Moisture Serum For deep layer penetrating, ultra moisturisation
  • Essense Derma Bright 30 AmpoulesPure vitamin C to lighten pigmentation and even skin tone.
  • Essense Intense Repair SerumRepair skin damage, ageing and dullness
  • Lucid Perfecting Cream ExfoliatorRemove dead skin cells, improve circulation
  • Essense Rooibos Miracle Tissue Oil – Improve marks, scars, skin tone
  • Forever Young Revitalising CreamAnti-Ageing, renewing, tighten skin, improve texture
  • Forever Young Youth BoostReduce inflammation, anti-ageing, boost collagen, lifting and firming
  • Body Wonder SpongeSpecialised exfoliating sponge to treat and prepare the skin


There you have it…start treating these areas today and look younger and better cared-for. All of these products are available at Annique Day Spa.


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