Once upon a time…

Neue Zier Schrift Regular a land far far away, lived a beautiful fair maiden with the most cheerfully spirited eyes filled with hope and love, and locks so wavy as the smoothest tide, and a heart so big and warm as the sun. She had the most wonderful way of making others feel accepted and understood, and wherever she went she had a moon full of joy and encouragement to share.
However, this beautiful maiden was so busy making others feel all the wonderful things one can only but dream of to experience, that she had a regretful way of letting herself down. She had an amazing means of dividing her love into that of raindrops, allowing others around her to catch a few in their passing. Soon she had to allow herself the time to refill and rest. She would be no good to those around her if she was cold and lifeless, as she was known for her cozy heartfelt nature.
One day, as she was strolling around the dense concrete jungle minding her own business, she stumbled upon a pleasantly serene cottage called Annique Beauty Salon & Day Spa. She made the daring decision to peek inside, not knowing what wonders she may find. To her pleasant surprise, she found the same warmth and gumption she once found within herself, and instantly felt right at home.
She discovered solitude in Annique Beauty Salon & Day Spa’s relaxing “Enchanted Retreat” and came to the realisation that a little tender loving care goes a long way. The beautiful fair maiden had the most wonderful treatments done: A Full Body Exfoliation & Lillian Terry or AHAVA Body Wrap with a Scalp Massage followed by a 60min Full Body Swedish Massage, a dip in the Jacuzzi, and time in the Infrared Sauna and Steam Room. After a delightfully refreshing half day escape in what turned out to be the most enchanting little cottage, the fair maiden found her way home to those she loved and so tenderly cared for. She was back to being her cheerfully spirited and warm loving self, and she lived happily ever after..
                                                                                                                                          Neue Zier Schrift Regular